The First Omen

“The First Omen” serves as a prelude to the iconic 1976 horror classic “The Omen,” delving into the origins of the chilling tale beloved by horror enthusiasts. Margaret Daino embarks on a journey to Rome, where her devout service to the church begins at an orphanage. However, her tranquil existence is soon overshadowed by a sinister force that shakes her faith to its core. As Margaret grapples with the inexplicable occurrences, she unwittingly discovers a diabolical scheme to unleash evil upon the world, with her at its epicenter.

Pushing the boundaries of horror much like its predecessor did in 1976, “The First Omen” treads the line of original storytelling while masterfully laying the groundwork for the events of “The Omen.” With its intense themes, the film nearly earns an NC-17 rating, cementing its status as a worthy addition to the franchise. Arkasha Stevenson makes a bold directorial debut, leaving an indelible mark not only on this series but also on the horror genre at large.

During the premiere, Screen Rant caught up with the cast, producers, and director of “The First Omen” on the red carpet. Keith Levine hinted at future tales within the Omen universe and reflected on collaborating with Lance Reddick for “Batman Unburied.” Nell Tiger Free recounted eerie experiences on set and shared her deep connection with the original “Omen” film.