What About Love 2024 Movie Review

What About Love 2024 Movie Review

A tale of love’s reawakening unfolds as two young lovers inspire their parents to rediscover romance, forever altering the trajectory of their lives.

Directed by Klaus Menzel, “What About Love” is an upcoming English romance film starring Sharon Stone, Iain Glen, Andy Garcia, and others. Set to release on February 14, 2024, the film has been approved with a “U/A” certificate by the central board of film certification.

As parents learn from the joyous experiences of their children and grant themselves the opportunity to seek love anew, the film explores themes of renewal and second chances. Cinematography by Reinhart ‘Rayteam’ Peschke, editing by Paul Forte, Daniel Lawrence, and Oli Weiss, and music by Pieter Schlosser, enhance the emotional journey portrayed on screen.

Produced by Quality Films, Accident Films, and Gondola Films, “What About Love” promises a heartfelt exploration of love’s enduring power.

Stay tuned for updates on the film’s satellite rights, as the producer plans to provide them to a television channel for broadcast. Keep an eye on the official channel for the latest announcements regarding the film’s availability for streaming and satellite broadcast.