To All A Good Night 2023 Movie Review

To All A Good Night 2023 Movie Review

Directed by Andy Mikita, “To All A Good Night” centers around Cici, a photographer who comes to the aid of Sam, an army veteran involved in a motorcycle accident. After realizing Sam works for a developer, Cici suspects he is in Harmony Bay to purchase her family’s Willow Glen Property. Unwilling to sell but facing financial challenges, she enlists her friend to conceal her identity when Sam seeks his rescuer. Despite the initial secrecy, they grow close, and Cici shares her struggle to fund her father’s Good Night Christmas Festival, a charity event. Sam then reveals the electrifying truth behind his visit to the town, exposing a gap in Cici’s knowledge of her father’s benevolent work. The film unfolds against the backdrop of the charming town of Harmony Bay, adorned in festive decorations.

Filmed entirely in and around Victoria, British Columbia, ‘To All A Good Night’ commenced principal photography in late September 2023 and concluded by October 13, 2023. Victoria, located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, boasts a mild climate, affluent urban areas, and a breathtaking coastal landscape. Its Victorian architecture reflects its colonial history, featuring multiple bays, parks, lakes, wooded landscapes, and quieter fringe settlements—providing the diverse filming locations required for the movie. Given the October filming schedule, the production crew utilized artificial snow and abundant Christmas decorations to create the wintry setting seen in the film.

Victoria has long been a favored location for filmmakers, drawn to its diverse and picturesque landscapes. Notable movies and shows have chosen Victoria as a backdrop for their scenes, and its appeal lies in the city’s rich visual offerings.

The cast includes Mark Ghanimé, recognized for his roles as Major Sergio Balleseros in ‘Helix’ and Don Carlos in ‘Reign.’ Other cast members include Luisa d’Oliveira as Penny, Karen Kruper as Vivian, Ayla Evans as Madison, Trevor Leyenhorst as Ryan, Craig March as Sally, Remy Marthaller as Lana, and Bronwen Smith as Brenda.