The Tearsmith(Fabbricante di lacrime) 2024 Movie Review – Netflix

The Tearsmith 2024 movie review

Netflix is preparing for the highly anticipated debut of ‘The Tearsmith,’ also known as ‘Fabbricante di lacrime,’ adding a promising Italian title to its content roster.

Based on Erin Doom’s bestselling Italian novel of the same name, the film delves into the story of two troubled teenagers ensnared in a dark romance.

Under the direction of Alessandro Genovesi and starring Simone Baldasseroni and Dana Melanie, ‘The Tearsmith’ is brought to life by producers Iginio Straffi and Alessandro Usai.

What’s the storyline of ‘The Tearsmith’ aka ‘Fabbricante di lacrime’? The tale revolves around Nica, who endures a tragic upbringing in a bleak orphanage overseen by a cruel matron who inflicts suffering on all under her care.

To escape this grim reality, Nica weaves imaginative tales featuring the Tearsmith, a mystical being responsible for bringing to life the fears and anxieties hidden within our hearts.

A glimmer of hope appears when Nica is adopted, but her new family has also welcomed another orphan, Rigel, a mysterious and troubled figure. Nica wrestles with conflicting emotions towards Rigel, who will ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping her destiny.

The official synopsis encapsulates the essence of the narrative: “Sometimes our greatest fear is embracing the possibility that someone can truly love us for who we are. Nica and Rigel are poised to discover the truth together.”