The Hill 2023 Movie Review

The Hill 2023 Movie Review

Jeff Celentano
Angelo PizzoScott Marshall SmithAric Hornig
Dennis QuaidJoelle CarterScott Glenn

Growing up in a modest Texas town plagued by poverty, young Rickey Hill defies the odds, showcasing remarkable talent in baseball despite having to wear leg braces due to a degenerative spinal ailment.

His stern father, a pastor portrayed by DENNIS QUAID, dissuades Rickey from pursuing baseball to safeguard him from injury and urges him to follow in his footsteps by becoming a preacher.

As Rickey (COLIN FORD) enters adulthood, his exceptional baseball prowess becomes widely recognized. His aspiration to attend a try-out for a legendary major league scout causes a rift within the family and jeopardizes his dream of playing professional baseball.

I had the privilege of attending an advance screening of “The Hill.” While watching it on my laptop did not provide the optimal viewing experience, it was sufficient to discern the film’s value and quality. The characters’ deep southern accents posed a challenge, even for me as a fellow southerner. Additionally, the absence of closed captions due to my hearing limitations further compounded the issue. However, despite these challenges, the film is well-crafted, authentically staged for its time period, and effectively captures the local culture and its people. While some characters’ portrayals made me, a southerner myself, cringe due to their imagery, the overall acting was commendable.

The narrative of Rickey’s arduous upbringing and his battle against a prognosis of debilitating bone disease is heartrending. His unwavering love for baseball and his unrelenting determination to conquer his health challenges in pursuit of his dream are both inspiring and heartwarming. The father’s unshakeable faith and his pursuit of complete devotion to God for himself and his family evoke a mix of admiration and disquiet.

Discovering that this impactful film is rooted in the true life story of Ricky Hill, and that he even assumes a role in the film, elevated my recommendation for it. I’ll leave it to future viewers to uncover the character Mr. Ricky Hill portrays.