Thalia’s Mixtape: El Soundtrack de mi Vida 2023 Tv Mini Series Review and Trailer

Thalia's Mixtape

THALIA’S MIXTAPE- EL SOUNDTRACK DE MI VIDA - Key art, streaming on Paramount + beginning May 2, 2023. PHOTO CREDIT: Paramount +

Attention Thalia enthusiasts! The famous Mexican pop star and actress is set to commemorate the music that has influenced her over the years through an upcoming music docuseries entitled Thalia’s Mixtape: El Soundtrack De Mi Vida.

In collaboration with Paramount+, the three-part music docuseries will make its exclusive debut on the platform in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, May 2. It is scheduled to launch on May 3 in Latin America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The release of the series will also coincide with the release of Thalia’s Mixtape album, which is due to be released on April 28 via Sony Music.

Thalia, who serves as both executive producer and creator of an upcoming docuseries, shares her musical journey with viewers by exploring the classics that inspired her and a generation of fans. In the series, she can be seen rocking out with Charly Alberti, the fiery drummer of the timeless Argentine band Soda Stereo, and Roco Pachukote, frontman of ska-rock group Maldita Vecindad. The show then shifts to Thalia immersing herself in the current Latin music scene, where she meets up with rising Mexican pop stars Kenia Os and Bruses.

According to Thalia, this project is deeply personal to her. She explained in a statement to Billboard Español that the concept of a “mixtape of my life” was born in her mind and heart four years ago. The docuseries follows the songs that influenced her path and shaped her destiny, as she talks to the legendary artists behind these compositions who marked entire generations with their music. The series delves into the stories and origins of these musical gems, and Thalia, being an absolute fan of these great artists, has the honor of performing with them. She describes it as an incomparable gift.

The show aims to delve into the past and future of Latin music through interviews, raw footage, and modern interpretations of classics performed by veterans and contemporary artists. This intimate approach has not been seen before. Thalia, a longtime advocate for emerging talent, highlights the most captivating sounds of today. Additionally, she will be honored at Billboard’s Latin Women in Music event on May 6, which will be broadcasted on Telemundo the following day.

“Thalia’s Mixtape: El Soundtrack De Mi Vida is a project that Thalia has poured her heart and soul into – it’s a chance for her to revisit and breathe new life into the music and popular songs from her teenage years, and to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing alongside the original artists while being documented in a film,” shared Tommy Mottola, the executive producer and entertainment mogul who is also Thalia’s husband.

Ntertain Studios’ executive producers, Lex Borrero and Santiago Zapata, expressed their admiration for the project, stating that collaborating with people one admires is a dream come true in any line of work. They also noted that Thalia’s Mixtape is the perfect combination of a documentary and musical, a testament to the enduring influence that Thalia has had on music and culture.

The project is a joint production by MTV Entertainment Studios, Sony Music US Latin, and Ntertain Studios, with Thalia and Tommy Mottola serving as executive producers.