Stranger in the Woods 2024 Movie Review and Trailer

Stranger in the Woods 2024 Movie Review and Trailer

Join Olivia and her friends as they embark on a much-needed vacation following a recent tragedy. After Olivia’s near-death experience in her bathtub, where she was found with a slit wrist shortly after her fiancĂ©’s funeral, her friends suspect suicide. However, Olivia insists that she was attacked.

Despite the picturesque destination and the companionship of her friends, Olivia carries the weight of her traumatic encounter. As the group settles into their vacation spot, tensions rise as suspicions linger over Olivia’s ordeal. While the days pass in sunshine and leisure, doubts cast a shadow over the group’s camaraderie.

As Olivia maintains her innocence, the group finds themselves entangled in a mystery, uncovering buried secrets and hidden motives among themselves. With each revelation, the once-relaxing vacation becomes fraught with tension and uncertainty.

Ultimately, a shocking discovery forces the friends to confront the truth, challenging their bonds and pushing them to reevaluate their perceptions of each other. As they navigate the fallout of the revelation, they must grapple with the complexities of friendship and the fragility of the human psyche.