Jurassic Triangle 2024 Movie Review

Jurassic Triangle 2024 Movie Review

“Jurassic Triangle” plunges viewers into an action-packed sci-fi adventure as a group of survivors grapple with the aftermath of a crash landing on a mysterious island. However, their struggle for survival takes a terrifying turn when they discover they are not alone – facing off against unknown monsters lurking in the shadows. With escape seeming like a distant hope, the survivors must band together in a desperate battle against the monstrous inhabitants of the island.

Despite its intriguing premise, “Jurassic Triangle” falls short in delivering a truly immersive experience. The film relies heavily on low-budget CGI creatures, which, while sporting a unique appearance, lack the realism needed to instill genuine fear. This deficiency in CGI quality diminishes the overall threat posed by the creatures, detracting from the tension and suspense of the narrative.

While the concept of escaping an island teeming with unknown dangers offers promise, the execution falters due to the limitations of the CGI. Though the story unfolds with a few unexpected twists and turns, the film ultimately fails to capitalize on its intriguing premise, leaving viewers wanting more.

In the end, “Jurassic Triangle” emerges as a typical low-budget CGI creature feature, offering fleeting thrills but ultimately failing to leave a lasting impression.