Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire 2024 Movie Review

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire returns to the bustling streets of New York City, teeming with spectral threats once more, and this time, it’s a battle spanning two generations of ghostbusters. Alongside the youthful Spenglers and the ever-entertaining Gary Grooberson portrayed by Paul Rudd, the original crew is back at the Firehouse, ready to tackle the paranormal head-on. Empire Magazine snagged an exclusive interview for their Frozen Empire issue, delving deep into the film’s secrets, the eagerly awaited comebacks of beloved characters, and the eerie occurrences that abound. In their conversation with Dan Aykroyd, topics ranged from possessed objects to otherworldly encounters, even including a peculiar visitation from an owl.

Speaking of owls, Aykroyd recounted a fascinating anecdote involving his late writing partner, Tom Davis. Davis, known for his collaboration on Coneheads, had a penchant for Aykroyd’s daughter’s pet owls, often jesting that he’d return as one in the afterlife. After Davis passed away in 2012, Aykroyd experienced a peculiar event at his home. Despite the absence of black walnut trees nearby, Aykroyd found himself confronted by an owl trapped in his screen door, surrounded by a circle of black walnuts on the porch. This incident, occurring on Davis’ birthday, felt like a profound message from beyond, prompting Aykroyd to reflect on the concept of transmogrification and the mysteries of the universe. Whether coincidence or something more, the synchronicity of events left Aykroyd pondering the unseen forces at play.