BTS’ 10th anniversary: RM, Jimin pens heartfelt letters, J-Hope surprises fans from military

BTS’ 10th anniversary: RM, Jimin pens heartfelt letters, J-Hope surprises fans from military

On Tuesday, BTS commemorated their decade-long musical journey, eliciting celebrations from fans worldwide. The BTS members, in turn, expressed their heartfelt wishes for their devoted BTS ARMY through love letters, unseen videos, and posts, among other gestures. However, this year’s festivities lacked the presence of Jin and J-Hope, who are currently serving in the army.

Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, composed a letter on the fan community platform Weverse, delving into the band’s profound connection with their fans. He eloquently wrote, “Being captivated by certain words is an extraordinary phenomenon. When a noun transforms into a pronoun, when BTS becomes BTS, and when ARMY becomes ARMY. Amidst storms of rain and wind, love has thrived. Together, we forged a realm that remains inexplicable to others.”

Expressing gratitude, Namjoon added, “Thanks to the ARMY and the countless individuals who supported us, I have had the privilege of experiencing something extraordinary—a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Reflecting upon the past, I have grown accustomed to knocking open doors and departing after indulging in fleeting nostalgia. Even now, I find myself envisioning our next chapter. It feels limitless, like anything is possible.”

Jimin, in his letter to the fans, extended his profound appreciation for their unwavering love. He conveyed, “I have mentioned it to you, ARMY, on multiple occasions—supporting and loving someone without any particular reason is no easy feat. That is why I comprehend the extent of our happiness. You, who have made us feel this way, deserve overflowing joy and abundant love. You must understand this. ARMY, to whom I am eternally grateful and for whom I hold unwavering affection, let us revel in boundless happiness for an enduring eternity.”

Kim Taehyung, known as V, took fans on a nostalgic trip by sharing behind-the-scenes moments and unseen visuals of the BTS members. These captured instances from various occasions encapsulated their remarkable ten-year journey. V expressed his sentiment, stating, “It is already our tenth anniversary since debuting. Over these ten years, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our members for their well-being and the creation of cherished memories together. ARMY, thank you so much. Thanks to your unwavering support, we continue to draw strength and pursue our dreams!”