ARA San Juan: The Submarine that Disappeared 2024 Tv Mini Series Review – Netflix

ARA San Juan: The Submarine that Disappeared

Latin America has never faced a situation quite like this before. Netflix has unveiled a trailer for an enigmatic documentary series titled “ARA San Juan: Submarine That Disappeared,” delving into the mysterious vanishing of an Argentine Navy submarine in 2017. Also known as “ARA San Juan: El Submarino que Desapareció” in Spanish, the series chronicles the events surrounding the disappearance of the Argentine naval submarine ARA San Juan on November 15th, 2017, with its 44 crew members aboard. The nation was gripped by the search efforts, leaving families in agonizing suspense, clinging to hope for a miracle while pleading for answers about their loved ones’ whereabouts.

“We were compelled by the imperative to shed light on the myriad theories surrounding the ARA San Juan submarine’s disappearance. This documentary series aims to pay tribute to the memory of the 44 fallen crew members and the relentless quest for answers by their families,” state producers Nicolás Carreras & Marcos Sacchetti. Spoiler alert: The wreckage of the submarine was eventually discovered in 2018, confirming its sinking and implosion. However, numerous theories persist regarding the circumstances leading to its demise.

Spanning eight half-hour episodes, this Netflix documentary series invites viewers to contemplate and explore the various hypotheses surrounding the ARA San Juan submarine’s disappearance. The series, born out of an investigation initiated in 2017, features archival footage, exclusive imagery, and numerous testimonies—some previously undisclosed—unraveling a web of negligence, concealment, irregularities, and hidden agendas surrounding this tragic event. Directed by Argentinian producer/filmmaker Mauricio Albornoz Iniesta, known for his work on “The Ways of Wine” and “Panash,” this marks his directorial debut. Produced by Cactus Cine and Marcos Sacchetti, “ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared” will premiere on Netflix on March 7th, 2024.