What is the best fly fishing reel for tarpon fishing?

On the off chance that you have a reel with a solid drag framework, snappy line pickup, and a tough plan, nonetheless, you may have an opportunity. The equivalent goes for a fly bar (and on the off chance that you haven’t read our post about how to pick a fly pole for Tarpon, discover it here). Which fly reels are the absolute best? On the off chance that you know anything about saltwater fly fishing you may know a portion of the huge names like Hatch and Nautilus. These reels are a heavenly decision for halting Tarpon however there are different reels to add to the rundown, as well. We will work everything out so you can get out on the water and have a superior possibility at that fish that should not be taken here fly fishing reel

How about we start with the fundamentals. It’s important to coordinate with the size of the reel to the size of the bar you’re utilizing. This may appear to be natural however it merits referencing: in case you’re fishing a 11wt fly bar (and a 11wt is the most well known bar decision for Tarpon), pick a 10/11 or a 11/12 measured fly reel.

No doubt… duh. In any case, altogether earnestness, you must have a solid drag framework to acquire a Tarpon. Appears glaringly evident, ok? Simply pick the reel with the most grounded drag. Indeed, it’s not actually that easy to test a reel’s maximum drag. Certainly, a few makers report one (and it’s pleasant when they do) however how would you sort out which reel has the most grounded drag?

In the event that we were fishing 8wt poles and reels, you could counsel our 2018 8-Weight Fly Reel Shootout to discover a reel’s maximum drag. Also, despite the fact that we’re not fishing 8wt reels for Tarpon, there’s a ton to be gained from that shootout. With regards to bigger 10-12wt reels, saltwater-explicit reels regularly have the most grounded drag. The Tibor Signature Series falls into this classification. Albeit the reel is unimaginably costly, it has one of the most grounded drag frameworks on earth and is made explicitly for the saltwater fisherman.

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