Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas Movie Review 2020

Director: David Winning

Writer: Marcy Holland

Stars: Lacey Chabert, Stephen Huszar, Lini Evans

Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas stars Lacey Chabert (Crossword Mysteries) and Stephen Huszar (Ruby Herring Mysteries).

Five guests get an invitation to spend Christmas at a delightful inn. But, no one knows who invited them. As this is Hallmark, we know that this movie will include a lot of spectacular Christmas tropes, and perhaps even a miracle attached to this mystery.

What Is Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas About?
Hallmark’s Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas promises romance and a bit of mystery. What is it all about? According to the press release, Sarah (Chabert), has come back home to take care of her mom’s affairs.

She was sent a special invite to spend Christmas at the Snowfall Inn. Sarah thinks it is a gift from her law firm, but, when she talks to innkeeper Ben (Huszar), she realizes that she has no clue who sent her this invite.

Sarah starts to ask around. She finds out that divorcee Karen (Lini Evans, Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery) was a contest winner, and this was her prize. Musician Jasper (Leon, Cool Runnings), thought this was a gift for his late wife.

Sarah soon finds out that all five guests got the same invite, in the same red envelope, with no return address. She thinks a “Christmas-tery is afoot.” Soon, Sarah and the gorgeous Ben start working together to figure out the story. There is a mystery and it all is related to her Sarah’s late mother.

Sarah finds something more at this beautiful inn including a sense of place and love.

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This Christmas movie is based on the book, Time for Me to Come Home, by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher. Blake Shelton is executive producer.

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