The Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Carpet Care Service

With many carpet cleaning companies, you have many options when selecting a carpet cleaning company for your home or business. However, it is essential to understand the different carpet cleaning techniques, such as using the commercial carpet steamer method. It will help you understand which carpet cleaning methods work best for your carpet.

Below, find the carpet cleaning methods available

1. Dry cleaning method

True to its name, this is a dry method. This method does not use water in the cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaners will spray the carpet area with an absorbent solution and then spread it over the entire carpet area using a mechanized brush. This special liquid dissolves the dirt from the core of the fibers, which is then scraped off the carpet using a commercial high-powered vacuum cleaner.

It is a quick result method. Using this method, you don’t have to wait for hours for the rug to dry; plus, it is a useful cleaning solution for carpets made from natural fibers. It is an ideal way to clean carpets faster and dry them even faster. It may be suitable for multiple offices and homes with senior citizens, children, and pets.

2. The Shampooing Method

As we all know, the meaning of shampooing is to wash or remove impurities. It is one of the oldest and most effective ways to clean your carpets. Professional cleaners will pour a carpet-friendly cleaning solution or shampoo onto the carpet’s surface using the machine brush used to clean the carpet. The solution is then left to dry on the surface of the carpet.

When the liquid dries well enough, the solution becomes brittle and automatically separates from the carpet fibers. The dried solution or brittle particles are then removed using a vacuum cleaner. It’s a non-messy and quick way to clean dirty and stained carpets.

Cleaning carpets with shampoo doesn’t take a lot of water and gives faster results as well.

3. Hot Water Extraction method

The hot water extraction method is popularly known as steam carpet cleaning. This hot water extraction cleaning method uses high-pressure hot water to agitate or shake the carpet fibers and dissolve the dirt to loosen it from the carpet. Cleaning by hot water extraction usually involves using a cleaning agent on a dirty surface. It is followed by brushing the carpet and then rinsing.

The cleaning agent or liquid settles in the carpet for a short period. Next, the carpet will be washed by a specialized carpet cleaning tool or commercial carpet steamer to rinse off the cleaning agent thoroughly. Finally, it is left to dry.

Any 3000 square feet area takes about 2 hours to clean and around 4 hours to dry. Late afternoon is the best time recommended by cleaning companies to clean carpets with this method. The reason is that once the cleaning is done, the carpet can be left to dry overnight. Next morning, work can resume as normal.

4. The Encapsulation Method

It is a unique way. Encapsulation uses a synthetic detergent as a base that will crystallize into a powder form when dried. When the applied cleaning foam dries, the loose dirt particles in the carpet fibers will be encapsulated or turned into a powder form. Finally, it can be vacuumed or brushed off once the foam is dry.

Encapsulation cleaning technology has overtaken carpet shampooing technology as it uses less water during cleaning and takes less drying time than carpet shampooing. This cleaning method has received a green signal from those who favor using eco-friendly products. It is because there is a less chemical residue left after cleaning by encapsulation.

With Encapsulation carpet cleaning, you get good cleaning results. However, this cleaning method is applicable to clean smaller carpets thoroughly.

5. Bonnet Cleaning Method

The bonnet cleaning method is somewhat similar to the dry cleaning style. The bonnet cleaning method involves mixing an absorbent solution with carbonated water, which is then spread over the dirty carpet surface. A circular or round bonnet with an absorbent cover is run over the carpet. Although this method is often considered a dry cleaning method, there is a difference between the two.

Of course, this method is also commonly used for cleaning. However, it does not bring about deep cleaning as it cleans only a small part of the surface. Plus, it leaves the grime deep inside as it is. This method can be used as a short temporary cleaning method between daily cleaning as in vehicles.

To wrap it up 

Now you have an idea about the various high-performance and result-driven cleaning methods. Contact Windells Carpet Care for residential carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cleaning of cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and more.

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