FlexClip Overview: A Platform To Edit Videos With Ease

Today, we want to talk about a very useful application when creating videos, which you can use for social networks, as well as for your personal projects, advertising or web pages. We talk about FlexClip. An online platform that integrates many functionalities that allow us to create video clips that we can then use on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram.

If you are a content creator and have your own online business, or you want to increase your sales and generate more traffic to your Web pages by providing quality content to your audience, then this application is ideal for you. What’s more, with it you can create videos that integrate images, video clips and moving text. As we said, it is a totally online application, very easy to use, and it also has a free version.

We are going to properly test FlexClip, to detail the good and bad of it,and also we are going to show you a simple video on how to use the application. The idea is that you yourself draw a conclusion as to whether this could be your next tool for creating your content. In the same way, at the end, we will also give you our opinion about what we thought.

Let us begin!


FlexClip Features

With FlexClip you can create videos with 480p (720×480 pixels) or 1080p (Full HD) quality that, for example, on a mobile phone will look great. In addition, you have the possibility of creating up to 12 projects with the free plan, and up to 1000 projects with the Business plan.

As for the maximum duration of each project, everything will depend on the plan you have subscribed to. If your plan is free ( Free ), then the maximum duration will be one minute. If your plan is the basic one ( Basic ), the maximum duration will be 3 minutes. Now, if your plan is the Plus, you will have up to 10 minutes in duration, and for the Business plan up to 30 minutes.

FlexClip, on the other hand, provides you with a very large bank of videos. Of course, depending on the plan you have, the number of video clips that you can add in the same project will vary. Also, if you need to create projects with higher quality, because the Plus and Businness payment plans offer you that possibility. And you don’t have to worry about the price of these plans, because it is actually affordable. In the end, we will tell you the costs.


How to Use FlexClip

In order to enter FlexClip, the first thing you should do is go to its website which is: Once inside you have to register by pressing the Sign Up – Free button , and as in any application you must enter your email and a password. Although you also have the option to register for free using your Facebook or Google account.

Once your account is created, you enter it and the first thing you will see is the projects window where the number of available projects will appear according to the plan you have.


Login within the platform

On the other hand, each project is equivalent to a single video. Either a video created, or that is in the process of being created. However, you also have the option to delete projects in case you no longer need them. Therefore, you will recover that space to create another project.


Our impressions on FlexClip

After testing FlexClip, we noticed that its interface is very easy to use. It has so many tools available that, in reality, we could not find where to start to entertain ourselves with it. We have texts, images, music and even watermarks to insert into our videos. Finally, we are also given the possibility of exporting our creation in various formats.

The templates offered by the platform are categorized into several groups that allow us to create content on different topics:


Special events.





Videos for YouTube.

Presentations or slides.

With telling you that they even have a theme related to the Coronavirus.

To see what each template is like, you just have to position yourself above it and then it will start playing. Although you can also press the Preview button to see it in a larger format.

We found each of these templates creative, colorful, and very artistic. You have practically a number of design options that will make you inventive and allow you to create something that you really like.


Platform templates

Another thing to note is that these templates are customizable and the tools available to the application for their respective edition are easy to use. What’s more, at no time did we get involved creating a video. On the contrary, the editing process was very simple.


FlexClip plans and prices

The plans available for the creation and editing of videos in FlexClip, have the following costs:

Free: $ 0 per month.

Basic: $ 4.99 per month.

Plus: $ 7.99 per month.

Business: $ 19.99 per month

Current platform prices


Conclusions and our opinion about FlexClip

There is nothing negative to say about this app. The truth is that we found it easy to handle, and, in addition, it is very picturesque. We found the platform interface, usage tools and templates to be phenomenal. Likewise, we consider that their payment plans are extremely comfortable, and if you do not want to pay for the application, then you have the option of using it for free with certain limitations.

Seriously, you should give this platform a try, especially if you work in the content creation area like us. And if you want to invest in any of their plans, we assure you that you will make a good investment.

Well, so far this post. I hope you liked it and do not hesitate to leave us your comments about what you think of this application.

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