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Eyebrow Microblading Course – Know the Different Natural Shapes

A bad set of brows may detract from the overall appearance of your face. What’s worse is that brow problem aren’t always obvious, so you’re left wondering what’s wrong with your face. Fortunately, problems with the brows can be easily corrected with an eyebrow microblading course.

Eyebrows define the shape of the face, accentuate the eyes, and provide a sense of balance. They must be the greatest because so much depends on them. This guide to eyebrow shapes will help you modify your face as a starting point.

Eyebrow Shapes for Everyone

You can find the perfect eyebrow shape for any face thanks to the wide range of options available and microblading courses in the UK. Try one of these universally attractive brow shapes for a more vibrant appearance.


Straight brows are ideal if you like a more laid-back appearance. These shapes on top and straight on the bottom is exactly what this style is. Rather than entirely removing the arch, you can flatten it so that your brows are straight across. Then, slant your brows downward until they meet at a point at the very top and very bottom. If you’re looking for a more natural look, straight brows are a terrific option. They can subtly and subtly give your face shape.


For those with angular features, softly rounded brows work best. Add another angle to your face with dramatically arched eyebrows, and you’ll look even more stern with the help of aesthetic training courses. With rounded brows, you can tamp down the angularity of your face.

The arch of a rounded brow is slightly offset from the brow’s centre. The slopes leading up to the arch and back down to the bottom should be gentle. Keep the arch at a reasonable height to avoid a rainbow effect.

Soft Arch

Many people’s faces naturally have a slender arch. If this is the look you’re going for, you won’t have to spend much time moulding them. Soft arches are between natural brows and dramatic ones. With only a hint of drama added by the arch, these brows maintain the natural look of well-groomed brows. Creating an arch with a slightly rounded peak will give you the desired effect. Round and oval faces benefit from the addition of soft arches because they don’t overpower the features. These brows are the perfect combination of bold and delicate.

High Arch

Round and diamond-shaped faces benefit greatly from the addition of angles provided by high arches. Anyone who wants to accentuate their features will find this shape excellent. High arched brows are the focal point of a strong and confident face. If you desire a high arch, work on building height above the browline. Before coming to a point, you want your arch’s tallest point to land right outside your eye’s outer corner. There should be a distinct yet natural point at the top of the mountain range.


The arch has a slight rise before the brows dip slightly in the middle, giving them the S shape. Even if you’ve had your hair straightener, you can still sport this hairstyle without issue. Enhancement is the name of the game here. Keeping the brows clean and filling in gaps is key to sporting S-shaped brows. Don’t set the arch too high to avoid an overly pronounced shape.


Microblading is a great option if you have sparse or thin brows. Your eyebrows will be filled with delicate, natural strokes thanks to microblading and aesthetic courses in the UK. Your brows will appear larger and darker as a result of this technique. Overall, microblading is an excellent alternative for individuals. The people who want the best brow forms but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wearing cosmetics.

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