Christmas in Vienna 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Christmas in Vienna 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

As perhaps is expected, Hallmark’s Christmas In Vienna borrows its basic premise from 1965’s classic film The Sound Of Music, which was also set (and partially filmed) in Austria.

It’s a daring move, but Jessalyn’s (“Jess” for short, but someone needs to tell Hallmark it’s okay to give their characters names that are longer than four letters) relationship with Mark’s children is what helps the film shine.

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Jess is meant to be a violinist struggling to find her love for music, and preparing to say goodbye to it, with a visiting performance on Christmas Eve at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Of course, she’s not going to tell anyone at the orchestra that she’s thinking of retiring, but she’s not being facetious when speaking about her passion for the violin.

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We know that every holiday movie ever made has a happy ending with minimal angst. However, to capture our hearts the lead character has to go through a significant change.

Jess saying she loves music is a signal to us, even unconsciously, that Jess’s journey is not as prominent as Mark (Brennan Elliot) and his kids.

I also like that they subtly break the fourth wall a couple of times by telling us, and each other, that they should kiss after a couple of their romantic moments.

But gender-swapping would be interesting where their emotional intimacy is concerned, too. Jess would have a richer journey if she were the one who had walls that needed breaking down.

Instead, Mark has a more intense promotion drama and emotional journey. (It barely exists but it’s there).

Jess even shares the only big concert moment we see on-screen with the Olson family.

It’s very sweet. But even though Jess’s love magically appears in her life and she also magically gets a dream job at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; the best thing Vienna offers her is the chocolate cake and the Olson kids.

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