panic 2021 tv show review

Amazon Panic 2021 Movie Review

Panic series on Amazon Prime comes just right in time for summer for your long and hot days. Definitely worth binging on, the series is set in a small town Texas around a bunch of teenagers who have nothing to do. But like they say, Empty Mind is a Devli’s Workshop. Add some teenage angst to the mix and a simple game born out of boredom becomes potentially lethal.


Panic Series on Amazon is a moderately paced psychological thriller set around dangerous games and in a small-town Texas as the teenagers fight for their one shot at success.

The series follows a group of teenagers in a town that is starkly divided by class and has nothing much to do than wait the whole year for a new round of Panic.

Panic began years ago because there was nothing else to do during the summers. Every students put in $1 a day that goes toward the jackpot winner of the Panic games. This year the pot of money is larger than ever.

With graduating seniors eagerly awaiting for what they believe is their only chance to a better life out of the town, the game has become more dangerous. The players will come face to face with their deepest, darkest fears and be forced to decide how much they are willing to risk in order to win.

Heather comes from a middle-class home with a white picket fence and her life seems perfect. But when her boyfriend Matt dumps her suddenly, she thinks it is the end of the world. The knee jerk reaction is to participate in the dangerous games in which she otherwise had no interest.

On the other side from the tracks is Dodge. Living in the poorest part of the town and an outcast at school. Broken family, irresponsible mother, and abused sister has made him bullheaded in his pursuit of winning Panic. He wants to win and he wants revenge.

Romance, revenge, anger and a determination that can push these teenagers to the extreme will keep you glued to your screen in this new YA thriller.


Olivia Welch plays Heather with Mike Faist as Dodge Mason. Jessica Sula, Cameron James, and Ray Nicholson also star. The series based on the book of the same name by Lauren Oliver.

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