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Your Options of the Best VPN for Netflix

Looking for a way to unlock Netflix library through VPN? Well, you are just at the right place. Hereby, we are going to enlist some of the best VPN for Netflix. These VPNs are able to bypass Netflix’s advanced VPN detections. Speed is not going to be a fuss as all the mentioned VPNs will perform at good speed.

Listed below are the best VPN for Netflix:

Express VPN: You must have heard about Express VPN before. To enlist a few primary features it provides 5 simultaneous connections, ‘No logs’ policy, supports major devices, 30 day money back surety. The starting price is $8.32. And total number 94 countries can be unlocked through this VPN. It is based in British Virgin Islands.

Private VPN:  The primary features of Private VPN are 19  Netflix libraries, 30-days money back policy, ‘No logs’ policy, 6 simultaneous connections and it is based in Switzerland. 19 libraries can be unlocked through Private VPN. More than 60 locations are offered to connect including Netflix US, Germany, UK, Canada, France Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Colombia, Australia, Brazil and Argentina can be unblocked through it.  

Surfshark: Just like Private VPN Surfshark also has a 30-day money back guarantee. It has 15 Netflix Libraries, unlimited devices, verified ‘no log’ policy and extensive device support. It is based in British Virgin Islands. With a starting price of $1.99, you can easily use it. The best feature of Surshark is that it allows unlimited device connections. You can unblock Netflix US, Spain, India, Singapore, Turkey, Canada and many more countries through this VPN.

Nord VPN: Literally one of the best VPNs so far. Its primary features are 13 Netflix libraries can be unlocked, 6 devices can be connected, supports almost every device, verified ‘no logs’ policy, 59 countries can be unlocked and the starting price is $3.71 per month. The best feature of this VPN is its fastest speed.

Pure VPN: Pure VPN is legit the best VPN for Netflix after Nord VPN. With features like unlocking 7 Netflix libraries, supporting extensive device and OS support, verified ‘no log’ policy and 31 day money back guarantee. A trial of 7 days is offered for $0.99 by Pure VPN. It is a Hong-Kong based VPN. And has the capability of unblocking a total of 7 Netflix Libraries including Canada, France, Australia, Japan, UK and more.

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