Recordcast the Best for Screen Recording

Why is Recordcast the Best for Screen Recording?

Have you ever wondered about the right software or app for screen recording? Well ‘Recordcast’ is an amazing platform to use for screen recording and much more. You can even record webcam screens through this free online screen recorder.  If you wish to record the screen and webcam together, Recordcast even allows that. Now you must be wondering the cost of it. To your surprise, this amazing free online screen recorder is 100% free of cost.

It has three modes to record screen

It also has one other great feature that is its free online video editor. Recordcast does not require any downloads. It is web based which means you can use it through your browser easily. Recordcast has 3 modes to choose from. First mode is ‘Entire Screen’ which means that each and anything displayed on your screen will be recorded. Second mode is ‘Browser Tab’ which means that Recordcast will only record a specific browser tab and not the desktop or other browser tabs. And the third mode is ‘Specific Application’ which means that a specific application will record.

We loved these varieties of modes as they let you choose according without really invading your privacy. But we would still recommend you to not record anything personal or confidential as recordcast is browser based so you wouldn’t want to risk your security or privacy. But this is really one of the best free online screen recorder and free online video editor available.

Another feature includes advanced audio capture which many screen recorders lack. If you are a YouTuber and you wish to screen record with your voice over, you can easily do it with Recordcast. For gamers, if you wish to record your game with sound effects then this software definitely allows you to do that. And how amazing all these things are available for free! Whereas in some other screen recording apps either lack this feature or the feature is paid.

With its free online video editor feature, you can easily trim, cut, split, stretch or shrink video blocks. It has pretty cool options to edit your videos. 

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