What You Need to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless car dent repair is a new and environmentally friendly procedure developed by car enthusiasts that can easily repair dents as long as the paint surface is unflawed. The paintless car dent repair method is applied for both aluminum and steel panels and is becoming one of the most sought-after methods of repairing dents. The biggest advantage is that it takes less time, and also, the paintless car dent repair cost is very minimal.

This method is most common around the door dings, any hail damage repairs, body lines damage, or minor creases. Because of its nature of work, it is also known as a push to paint or push to prep method. Today’s paint allows the technicians to get successfully repair using the paintless car dent repair. This article will help you understand some things you must keep in mind when taking your car for paintless car dent repair.

1. This method is more economical than the traditional method

Paintless car dent repair is a cost-effective method compared to the traditional method of painting. It is also one of the main reasons why it attracted so many car enthusiasts. It helps save customers a lot of time, and depending upon the dent on the surface, the cost of paintless car dent repair varies.

2. It is not restricted to minor dents

There is a misconception that the paintless car dent repair is only applicable for only minor dents. But the truth is that you can go for the paintless car dent repair even if the size of the dent is coconut big. The misconception might have arisen because it was also primarily used for small dent damage. Another aspect that people don’t know is that not all insurance policies cover paintless car dent repair. If you have a liability insurance policy, then this repair won’t be covered in the insurance. However, if you have a comprehensive policy, you can get yourself covered under the insurance.

3. You quickly get the job done

It is difficult to leave your automobile in a repair shop for days or weeks for a simple dent repair in today’s world. This can be a major inconvenience for the clients when they decide to repair their dent in the traditional method. With the help of paintless car dent repair, you can get your dent repaired within a couple of days, or if possible, you can get your car on the same day. This way, you also get your car quickly out of the repair shop. You can also get the vehicle quickly if there is no damage whatsoever to the paint. If it is a simple dent, it can be quickly repaired, but if the damage is big, it might take a couple of days.

4. It is a permanent solution

People who think the dents might reappear after some time are wrong. Using the paintless car dent repair method is a permanent solution. Since it reshapes the metal, there is no chance that the dent might reappear after some time. Once the repair is done, the dent has the same strength that it had before the dents occurred in the first place. Most places also offer a lifetime guarantee on their work and ensure that you will not have to worry about the old dent as it has been solved. Usually, the paintless car dent repair is available in almost all leading garage shops and dealerships.

5. What damages can be solved using the paintless car dent repair?

People have been using paintless car dent repair for repairs such as small or large dents, creases, and dings. If the original paint is not damaged, then there are chances you will get your car back within no time. Once you get the paintless car dent repair, the car goes back to its original factory-like condition and does not cause more damage. This method can be applied fr small hail damages or big and large creases.

6. How does this method work?

Every day many people bring their car in for paintless car dent repair with a trust that their job will be done perfectly. That is exactly what the technical do. But how do they do it? The answer to this question is given below.

  1. Understand the situation: – The first thing a technician does is access the situation and look at the damage. If the damage is big and the way to reach the dent is important. Though 80% to 90% of the dents are removed with the paintless car dent repair, the situation must be accessed properly. The technician determines how effectively they can remove the dent.
  2. Enter the repair through the surrounding area: –The paintless car dent repair is done through the back of the dent. To do this, the technicians must properly remove the body panels, the headlights or the taillights, and in some rare cases, the interior panel. Once that is removed, the technicians get a clearer pathway to the dent. The next step is being precise and careful.
  3. The dent must be visible: – For the technician to work on the dent, it is important that the dent be visible. To help them see the dent, they use a special light board. The light board shows a shadow of the dent, and the technician comes to know about the dent and makes a plan on how to start the paintless car dent repair.
  4. Low pressure is applied: – To bring the dent back too its original position, the technician slowly applies pressure and massages it back. It is an easy task, it can be completed the same day, and the car can be delivered. However, it all depends upon the seriousness of the dent and how big the dent is. If the technician has to spend some time only removing the panel or the body, it might not be possible to complete the paintless car dent repair the same day and be delivered the next day.

Wrapping up

You can get the dent repair from the best technicians from Glaser’s Collision Centers, and also, the paintless car dent repair cost is very low and affordable.

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