Light Weight Turnout Rugs

What Types Of Horse Rugs Are There?

A horse rug is a large blanket that can be draped over an entire horse, sometimes with the addition of a hood. These blankets are typically made of a horse blanket material and a mane to cover the ears. They can also be reduced in size to fit on a single horse, such as when packing the rug in a travel bag. Horse rugs are typically folded up into four equal parts and then wrapped more times around the top and bottom. The horse may have a pillow-like roll that keeps its head in the center and can be easily removed when not needed.

There are many different types of horse rugs, some of which have special uses. The most common type of horse rugs is used for either keeping the horses warm or protecting them from inclement weather such as rain or snow. They can come in many different styles, such as being waterproof, having extra protection on the hindquarters, coming with sunscreen on one side, being skinny around the neck, or even be trimmed to fit a specific purpose.

Lightweight rugs for horses

Light Weight Turnout Rugs are characterized by being thin enough to be used without having to unpack or unroll them from a travel bag. They can be used in any weather as long as there is no severe cold or harsh summer heat. These are normally used in the spring, summer and fall for shorter periods of time, but can become very useful for living conditions such as when you have to move your horse from a warm stall into the winter barn where it gets extremely cold at night.

Heavyweight rugs for horses

A heavyweight rug should meet the same criteria as a lightweight rug and can be used in any season. It is important that these rugs are not too thick as heat rises, so you want to make sure that you only use them when the temperature is below freezing. If a horse gets overheated on a heavy blanket, it will probably panic and could injure itself or kill itself from the shock.

Lightweight Stable rugs for horses

Lighweight Stable rug is only suitable for horses that live at stable facilities, like racetracks. These rugs are not used for everyday use as they could upset the horse’s sleep patterns and you don’t want to put that in jeopardy.

Horse walkers and exercise rugs

Horse walkers and exercise rugs are a sensible purchase for horses that spend a long time in a stall, especially during the winter. These blankets can be used to help the horse maintain proper muscle tone and even improve its immune system. They are generally used in a stall so they are seen more like a blanket instead of an exercise sheet, which is normally attached to walls or fences to give them some stimulation.

Blankets with fitted hoods

These blankets usually come in one of two sizes. There is either a large size that covers most of the horse’s body, or there is a small size that only covers the neck and head of the horse. These blankets are used for specific purposes. If your horse has a cold and is unable to breathe well, the fitted hood can be removed and it will help the mucus from the nose run out more effectively. This is also useful for small animals that are allergic to other types of rugs. The hood on a blanket can also be used to help control fly populations if they get on the horse, especially if they have short hair like a pony or a miniature horse as they could fly right into their eyes.

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