What Role Does An Addiction Counselor Play In Recovery?

Addicts often are under the assumption that they do not need any addiction counseling and they are capable of getting rid of the addiction by stopping their consumption. That is not the case, and it is far from the truth. Addicts need to get help from an addiction counselor, and they need to attend addiction counseling to ensure they recover completely. An addiction counselor will understand their psychology, help them recover, and give the addicts full assurance they can overcome this addiction and return to their normal lives. This article will shed light upon the importance of addiction counseling in the recovery of drug addicts.

1. During addiction counseling, the counselors communicate with the patients

Communication is an essential part of recovery and that communication is handled exceptionally well by the addiction counselor. During their stay at rehab, the addicts will have many questions and will often have uncertainties with their sobriety. To help them get a clear answer and clear all their doubts, good communication with the counselor is very important. The counselor will help them understand the severe consequences of addiction and give them a rational explanation for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

2. The counselor will encourage them to recover quickly

During their stay at the rehabilitation centre, the last thing that the addicts want is someone demotivating them. They know that the struggle will be very hard, and by going through addiction counseling, they can be assured that the recovery will be quick and over soon if they co-operate properly. They might have second thoughts about continuing the program, which is where the counselor comes into play. They motivate them and encourage them to continue the treatment, and explain the benefits of being sober and drug-free for the rest of their life.

3. They have a unique bond with their patients

Unlike the bond created by conventional counselors, the bond shared by an addict and addiction counselor is very special. The counselors become the addict’s backbone and help them through the process. They ensure the addicts that they are not alone and the counselor will be with them until they recover completely. The bond created is unique, and the counselors tell them stories about their life and their experiences in dealing with addicts. The addicts trust their counselors and listen to everything the counselor has to say.

4. They refer them to various support groups

The work of an addiction counselor is not restricted to only being their moral support and encouraging them. The counselors often refer them to various support groups with like-minded people recovering from addiction and facing similar problems. These support groups help the addicts become better human beings. Some support groups also encourage the addicts to take up yoga and meditation for better results. The counselor will also recommend some support groups as soon as the patient shows signs of improvement.

5. Help the loved ones of the addict

The recovery process is difficult for the addict and takes a huge toll on the mental and physical health of the family members. The addiction counselors also help and give support to the family of the addict during such difficult times. The addicts undergo withdrawal symptoms, mood swings and trauma by watching their loved ones suffer because of them. During this time, the counselor will motivate the family and the addict, give educational support, and help them with the recovery process. The counselor also guides the family on ensuring that the addict does not return to a life of substance abuse.

6. They come up with a relapse prevention plan

One of the biggest fears about recovery for an addict is relapsing during or after their recovery. It is estimated that around 40% to 60% of addicts relapse within a year of getting the treatment. Relapsing doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment has failed and the addicts are a gone case. It simply means that the treatment needs to be taken up a notch, and the same treatment is not the best option for them. A counselor should have a good relapse prevention plan, forcing the addicts to say no to the substance when tempted or offered.

7. They are in high demand

With many teenagers and older people being admitted to rehab centers more than ever, many educational institutions have observed an increase in students enrolling as addiction counselors. Since the job of an addictioncounselor is to listen to people’s problems and offer them a solution. Many students are also opting to be addiction counselors. Students interested in helping people in need and who want to give something back to society nowadays opt for addiction counselors. Some are also opting to become one because of any traumatic family incident, which motivated them to become counselors and help people get back on their feet.

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