What Happens When You Put Whipped Cream in an Ice Cream Maker And How to Make Whipped Cream At Home?

Whipped cream will always be everyone’s favorite while baking a cake or a cupcake. It is the texture and the flavor of whipped cream that makes it so irresistible. Though many people have the misconception that ice-creams are generally made from whipped cream, that is not how ice-creams are made.

Chefs and food manufacturers globally prefer heavy cream while making ice-cream. As the name suggests, heavy cream is heavier, making whipped lighter, and it only has 30-38% of milk fat. When it is thoroughly whipped, the cream will feel very light when consumed, and that is why it is the perfect choice for cakes, cupcakes, and pies.

Putting Whipped Cream in an Ice-Cream Maker

This curiosity has led many people to make some fantastic ice-creams. However, different countries might have different constitutions for whipping cream. The result may vary accordingly.

When making ice-cream with whipped cream, ensure that all the ingredients of ice-creams are used, such as milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. You can avoid milk as whipping cream is used.

The first step is to whip the ingredients together correctly. The sugar, vanilla extract, and salt must be whipped with the cream. Once it is thoroughly whipped, move the entire mixture into the cold drum of the ice-cream maker. Once inside the mixture, let the mixture churn for some time. The average churning time is about 15 minutes. After the entire mixture is churned, correctly remove it from the maker. The entire mixture will come out of the maker as a single item. The mixed cream will have a consistency somewhat of that of an ice-cream.

Once the churning is done, and the cream has maintained consistency, it is time to remove the cream with an ice-cream scoop. Empty the entire content into a bowl and sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles. By looking at it, the cream definitely looks like an ice-cream, but when you taste it, the ice-cream will taste a bit thick and also very light. The ice-cream will now have a proper ice-cream consistency, but it would quickly melt in the mouth like whipping cream.

Recipe of Making Whipped Cream At Home

An ideal choice for making whipping cream is heavy cream and heavy whipped cream. Since heavy cream has about 30% fat, it is the number one choice of food manufacturers and chefs to make whipping cream globally. A properly made whipping cream would have its tall peaky pointers upright even after a couple of hours after use. This is also one of the main reasons why whipped is the ideal choice for cakes and cupcakes.

There are two ways to prepare whipping cream. One is without a mixer or a blender, and the other is with.

  1. Without a Mixer:  you can make the whipping cream. This is done by shaking the cream in a pitcher or a jug with a lid. The mixer does the job very efficiently. Without a mixer, you get a good exercise of the hands for 15 minutes straight. Mix all the ingredients (1 cup of heavy cream, half teaspoon of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of sugar) in a jug or pitcher with a lid. Once the ingredients are inside, mix or shake the pitcher till the insides look like the creamy whipping cream. Very often release the air inside the jug. This would prevent the formation of bubbles inside the jug. Sometimes if the mixing is not done correctly, it might even take more time. So be patient while trying to make whipping cream without the electronic mixer. Once the mixture is done, keep it inside the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. With this amount of ingredients whipping cream can be made for serving eight people.
  2. With the Mixer: before the cream is prepared, ensure that the cream is chilled and the vessel is cold. The secret ingredient is that the vessel and the cream should be very chilled to whip the cream quickly. The electronic mixer does the job of making whipped cream very easy. Empty all the ingredients (1 cup of heavy cream, half teaspoon of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of sugar) into a vessel. Using the electronic mixer should be turned on and for 5 minutes, whip the cream on a medium setting. Five minutes is the average time, or else you can also whip it till the peaks are formed at the top of the cream. When you see the peaks, it is an indication that the cream is whipped thoroughly, and now the cream is ready. The only downside of using the electronic mixer for too long is that the cream peaks can instantly turn to lumps if not careful.

To Summarize

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