What are Quick Fenders, and How to Choose the Right Fender for You?

Boat fenders are very crucial equipment that every boat owner should buy. They protect the boat from any contact from other boats or prevent the boat from bumping into the marina. The thing is that boats are pretty expensive, and the quick fenders are not. It won’t hurt you to buy too many quick fenders. This article will explain everything you need to know about the quick fender.

How do the quick fenders work?

The boat fenders are typically inflated, and you can also buy some of them in the shape of rods. These inflated fenders come in shapes like cylindrical and spherical. After buying the cylindrical or spherical fenders, you should place them around the boat. If you buy a rod-like fender, they can pull the boat away from the marina. They can also be used if you need to pick up something from the water.

Various types of quick fender

Depending upon your boat size, you should buy fenders. For example, if you have a short and lighter boat, you should opt for a double-eye cylindrical fender or a sausage fender. But if you have a slightly bigger and heavier boat, you should opt for hybrid cylindrical round fenders. People tend to place their quick fenders vertically when they are mooring against the docks. But they put up the fenders horizontally to fend against protruding structures.

How to choose the right sized fender for the boat?

When to comes to choosing the right fenders, you should consider three main points, and they are: –

  1. The overall weight of the boat
  2. How long is the boat?
  3. The mooring conditions

It is only logical to use heavier fenders where the weather conditions will be very harsh, and the mooring will be quite difficult to achieve. The ideal calculation is that the fender should have a 1” diameter for every 4’-5’ of the total boat length.

For example, if you have a boat that is under ten feet, then you should consider buying a cylindrical double-eyed hybrid fender. That fender should have a diameter of 3”.

If you have a boat that is around 25 feet long, then you get to choose among several options such as cylindrical double-ended, hybrid, round, and center hole. The diameter of the fender should be between 6’ to 6.5”. For the round fender. The diameter should be around 15”.

If you have a boat over 72 feet long, then the ideal choice is hybrid and round fenders. The cylindrical diameter of the fender should be 24” to 32,” and the diameter of the round fender should be 34”.

Where should you place the fenders?

The size or the type of the fenders is not the only thing that matters when you buy the fenders. The position of the quick fender is also very important. If you have a 20-foot-long boat, then you need to have at least four boat fenders. The first fender should be placed at the maximum beam. The rest can be placed at equal distances in the boat.

When you’re rafting, you should get more fenders. The more fenders you have, the safer and better it is for the boat. You can palace two at the maximum beam, and the remaining two can be round fenders. The round fenders can be placed at the front and the rear.

Lower them till they touch the surface of the water. Once they touch the water, raise them a couple of inches above the water. The fenders should be right carefully and tightly around the anchor point. The points should be strong and should be able to handle the stress of the fenders. The fenders should be hanged properly, or they won’t fulfill their original purpose.

How to buy good quality quick fenders?

Though buying a new fender might be a new thing for you. But for some professional boat owners, it is not. Therefore, the best people to ask for advice is from them. They will suggest the best type of quick fenders as per your needs.

Do some research on the internet, and depending on the size of your boat. You can choose the ideal boat fenders for you. Some people prefer buying fenders that are long and look like a rod. These help the boat owners push the boat away from the marina.

They have a soft rubber item attached at the end of the rod. This helps push the boat or the docks away. They also have a clamp that can be used to pull items that have fallen off the boat.

It would help if you regularly clean your fenders. But it is advisable to clean the fenders with soap and water rather than using any solutions. You can also buy washable boat fender covers. These keep the fenders clean and protected from harmful elements.

Final thoughts

Spend a small amount and buy the quick fender and protect your bigger investment. You can buy high-quality fenders from RS Marine.

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