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  The first quarter of 2021 has proved to be a turbulent time for used car sales, with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing that sales fell by 8.9 per cent during the period. Trading has continued to be affected by coronavirus-related lockdowns which saw dealerships close their doors to the public and instead sell cars via online services.Buy your used car on YesAuto.The first quarter of 2021 has also showcased the most popular used cars being bought by consumers. Let’s take a look at them.

  The Ford Fiesta has been a consistent hit in the used car segment, owing to its decent reliability and variety of models. More recently, the Fiesta has arrived with a series of punchy yet efficient turbocharged petrol engines, too.As a household name, the Fiesta has become synonymous with motoring which is friendly on the finances.

  Much like the smaller Fiesta, the Focus is yet another model from Ford that continues to remain popular in the used market. The first generation car broke the mould for family hatchbacks thanks to its excellent driving characteristics, while more recently it has gone on to bring added refinement and comfort.Performance-orientated ST and RS models continue to be a hit with enthusiast drivers, too.

  The Vauxhall Corsa often fights it out with the Fiesta for supremacy, so it’s little surprise to see it so close to the top here. Another budget-friendly option, the Corsa makes a case for itself through its low price and a wide array of variants.Repair costs aren’t sky-high, either, while small engines ensure that insurance premiums aren’t too pricey.

  Volkswagen’s Golf entered its eighth generation recently, which goes to show just how popular it has been over the years. Each new variant has brought something different, while retaining the practicality and solid build quality that buyers love.Ever-present GTI versions continue to be a hit, too, while more recent plug-in hybrid variants have given buyers a low-emission option, too.

 Vauxhall’s Astra has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, delivering more in the way of refinement than ever before. Though they’ve often struggled to hang onto their value, this has meant that the Astra has proved to be a great used buy for those after a bargain.Estate versions have brought more space into the mix, though the standard hatch has often proved more than practical enough for most buyers.

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