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Upcoming Cars You Can Buy in 2021 for the Irish Roads

The automobile industry is heading towards a revolution with a list of electric cars and SUVs lined up to launch. While the other segments are receiving new updates as well, 2021 might be the year for vehicles running on electricity. This year didn’t live up to the expectation with the unprecedented economic crisis. Therefore, very few cars have
made it to the headlines.

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It is evident from here that everyone has high hopes for the next year when the situation starts to get familiar. Here’s the list of cars from the top manufacturer that is set to release in 2021.


The European market waited for a very long time for the return of the Toyota Corolla. It has new fancy looks and a 2.0-litre hybrid power train to impress the automobile fanatics. The Toyota C-HR range receives an update with 2.0-litre electric petrol hybrid model.

You might get your hands-on Toyota Yaris supermini’s new generation of cars by the end of this year with a 1.5-litre hybrid model. Updates on the Highlander and Yaris Cross reveals they will be available in early 2021.

rental SUV car in spain mountain landscape road at sunset


The C5 Aircross PHEV is expected to join one of the most popular models of the brand, Citroen C5 Aircross, by the end of this year. You can get a range of 50 km courtesy of its 80kW electric motor and 180 hp engine.

For the C4, the company has decided it to be a crossover with diesel, petrol, and electricpowertrains. As per the schedule, it will be unveiled the next year.


Riding on the success of Fiat 500 hybrid, the company is all set to launch Fiat 500e the next year. The first electric city car from Fiat has been named La Prima from the Italian manufacturer.

You can also see the updated model for the Tipo, 500L, and 500X very soon.

rental car in spain mountain landscape road at sunset

Range Rover

The uncrowned king of the luxury 4×4/SUV range is now facing competition for the likes of Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Rolls-Royce. The company has Range Rover Sports for the year 2021 to cement their position on the top. It would be interesting to see how the audience will receive the new sports model.


Another major car manufacturer speeding up its electric vehicle range is Porsche. The company has already stepped back from the electric variants of 911 and 718. But, the Mecan will receive it next year. The second-generation model from Porsche will only be released as an EV.


The i3 and i8 electric cars were very well received by the car enthusiasts, making the launch of i4 EV inevitable. The German car manufacturer will launch the BMW i4 with a 530 hp electric motor. On a single charge, you can travel a distance of up to 600km with this four-door car.


While it is true, you cannot compare the Sandero with the likes of Porsche and Range Rover, but it is one of the most value of money car on this list. A bad credit loan will worth the interest to be paid to own this vehicle. The company is vouching on the quality and appeal from the success of their Mk2 Duster.


Competing directly with the Tesla Model X, Ford has used its iconic nameplate on the next electric SUV “Mach-E”. The purist, however, has some problem with the electric Mustang crossover. The key feature is the cutting-edge infotainment and the driving range of up to 300 miles.


Kia will launch the fourth-generation model of its Rio in 2021 with all the new tech features that make it a direct competitor to the Hyundai i20. The previous models from the manufacturer have marked a steady rise in the mainstream market. The car will feature the 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The all-back interior will have carbon-fibre like finish with small colour trim inserts.


The latest interior aesthetics from Mercedes have redefined the terms luxury and comfort in cars. The German car manufacturer will now replace the Mk4 models in 2021 with the W206 in 2021. The later has been expected to be a technology with weight shedding a critical aspect.

The S-Class will also be upgraded with the thoroughly changed interior. The company is expected to make the use of physical buttons minimal. The large infotainment system will sit seamlessly on the central console alongside the air-conditioning vents. The diesel hybrid variant is expected to be launched for both, the C- and S-Class.

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The current year might have increased your wait for the new vehicle, but the next year looks suitable for car finance. The electric vehicle is on the top of the list for the majority of manufacturers. The range and power have almost reached par with the other variants. Combined with the advance features, we recommend you spend your money to buy an electrically powered vehicle.

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