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Top 5 Diets for a Healthy Heart

Top diets for a healthy heart are easily available in the market. We just need a little knowledge to know their function inside our body and how they improve our heart function. A healthy heart improves blood circulation in the body helping us to take fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to every cell in the body.

The best diet for heart gives us protection against cholesterol, plaque formation; defends the heart from artery damaging LDSs, free radicals and keeps arteries clean from fatty deposits.  A man with a healthy heart will never face risk of strokes, low blood circulation and erectile dysfunction, which results from lower than required blood circulation in the pelvic area. Here are some of the best diets for our heart.

Mediterranean diet

The term is used in reference to the diet people traditionally take in the 16 countries along the Mediterranean Sea. There is some variation in countries in the diet depending on many local factors. However, the major portion of the diet consists of fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, olive oil, eggs, fish, and poultry in some amounts.

Red meat is less consumed in this diet. Instead Fish and poultry are common.  Wine is part of the diet and often fruits are used in place of sweet items such as desserts.

Medical experts from American heart association recommend diet with constituents of diet is good for the heart. The diet cuts cholesterol formation in arteries, improves blood circulation in the body to reduce pressure on the heart.  Since it is free of sugar and processed foods, the diet is the best for the heart. People have fewer cases of cholesterol issues, obesity, sugar and hypertension. No wonder, the diet is one of the natural remedies for males on 200mg Sildenafil citrate for erection issues.

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet is predominately non meat diet. Vegetarian people avoid red meat, poultry, fish, but some take egg and milk. Vegan diet excludes anything that is based on animal meat or is derived from animal products. Vegans do not even take milk leave alone milk.

Non meat diet with focus on green vegetables, beans, legumes for protein, makes the diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats.  The chances of formation of cholesterol in arteries are low in this diet. The heart will clean and flexible arteries work less hard to pump blood. The higher fiber in this type of diet from fruits, beans and grains is good for a heart as it ensures low cholesterol. The chances of obesity decreases as fewer calories make it easy to manage weight. A fit and leaner body puts less strain on the heart.  A man with a healthy heart and better blood circulation is less likely to be recommended generic Cialis 60mg for severe erection cases.

DASH diet

It prevents or lowers risk of hypertension, which reduces pressure on the heart. The heart works efficiently to supply blood to various organs in the body.

However, it does not mean that only those with hypertension take this type of diet. DASH diet prevents weight gain, because of fruits and vegetables. The change in the diet list depends on individual cases, and level of hypertension. The focus is always on grains, vegetables, while cutting on meat, artificial sugar, saturated fats, etc.  When a male takes a DASH diet for a longer period, the risk of blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol levels come down. The diet is linked to reduction in heart diseases and related diseases which put tremendous pressure on the function of the heart.

The Flexitarian Diet

The diet allows some flexibility as the eater takes benefit from vegetarian diet and some moderate consumption of animal meat. The diet has non vegetarian items like vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits. The basic idea is to take protein from plants, but also keep options open for some animal meat like poultry and red meat. But canned food and sweets items do not come under a flexitarian diet plan.

Diet with fiber portions and less cholesterol and fat is always considered good for the heart. The benefits from this type of diet equal vegetarian diet benefits. Anyone who likes to keep weight in check, lower diabetes chances and keep cholesterol formation in check, but at the same time like to keep the option of animal meat prefer this type of diet .

Low carb diet

A diet without carbohydrates in bread, pasta, snacks and soft drinks is a low carb diet. Low carb diet is high in vegetables, protein and fats.  This diet improves heart health as chances of cardiovascular diseases come down. The lifestyle diseases like overweight, obesity, blood pressure etc are taken care of by low carb intake. The same diet also increases good cholesterol.


There is no need to get confused on the choice of a particular diet for your heart. Just keep in mind that with age you diet should change. Take more vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, nuts, and unprocessed food items. Cut intake of soft drinks, beverages, fatty and oily diet and maintain some exercise regimen to reap lifelong health benefits.

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