Tip & Tricks to Market Your beauty business On Social Media

Tip & Tricks to Market Your beauty business On Social Media

Are you struggling to get traffic for your beauty business through social media marketing?

Owning a Salon is comparatively easy but social media marketing is exhausting. No doubt, the salon is seen as a profitable profession. Positively, Social media gives beauty businesses the wings to fly high. Though this is not gender-specific still, women hold a bigger share in the sale of makeup products. It is evident from the statistics that say 62% of women follow influencers on social media. The channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are on the trend among people. So it is a wise strategy to do promotions where you will get enough population to respond back. Salon social media marketing requires aligning with the latest trends and posting creatively.

This article will serve you with unique tactics of social media to give your salon a new height and manage it as well. It will help broaden the horizon of production to get revenue.

Check out the strategies to promote effectively on social media

Hit the right platform

However, choosing the right platform for marketing is one of the crucial decisions. When we say marketing on social media does not mean using all platforms including the ones that have limited users. As per the statistics, Instagram is the most preferred with 82% of followers, Facebook and Youtube with 77% and 59% respectively. It is wise to target the social media channels where the reach of a post is to maximum audience and generates leads for the business.

Give value to  the content

Content is the king in the process of marketing. Content does not only refer to long articles. It is a method of presenting information to users in any form such as images, infographics, and videos. Thus, The content is valuable only when the information is useful and appealing, serves the purpose of posting, and creates curiosity for the product or services.

Share client testimonials

To go with the trend, sharing testimonials is a very popular technique. Many users relate to themselves when they see testimonials in which their friends, relatives, or any person has shared their experiences. Every salon and beauty brand asks their customers to share their views about the quality of service on their social media page. As a result, the customer also feels a part of them and the salon gets the marketing on social media  without losing a single penny. It is effective, though a smart trick followed extensively these days.

Take the help salon booking system manage appointments

Take the help of software and other tools to give pause to your running day. The good volume of traffic also invites plenty of appointments. There are many ways to handle the bookings but one effective method to use is the Salonist salon scheduling system. Investing so much in marketing and not being able to manage the rush of appointments will be a waste of money. Getting many appointments should never be a hurdle and affect the productivity of the salon. Instead, this software will manage the appointment, staffing, attendance, and store client data itself to give you time to work. 

Engage the users in interactive activities

Moving next, interactive and funfilled activities hold the users to your business page. Engagement is one of the important criteria of good social media marketing practice. There are many techniques to keep the users busy such as encouraging them to participate in a contest, occasionally giveaways, and quizzes. In general, it’s a human tendency to like free gifts and complimentary stuff. Additionally, there must be many who have never used beauty products but might participate in the contest. As a result, they will have the opportunity to use their own product and like the quality. This will definitely attract a lot of leads or customers to your salons.

Join social media groups and invite them to like yours

All the techniques of social media marketing aim to make your brand visible to people. There are many groups created by people on Facebook and Instagram. Many are salons related but few of them are a group of the local community. Moreover, It is fruitful to join them and send the request to join yours. It is the same as socializing in your neighborhood, where you visit people and invite them to your house. It becomes convenient to popularize the business when you are in touch with so many people.

Run Ads to target interested ones

Moving further, running ads is one of the paid marketing alternatives. On the other hand, it is the most useful way to fetch leads for your salon. The google ads are run based on demographic selection, that is the reason it targets the precise audience. One must consider the below-mentioned points before creating the campaign:

  • Check for which age group the ad is suitable
  • Mention the gender to target
  • Keep the salon location clear 
  • Select the interests topic under which your product or service falls

It is not only a criteria to run ads but equally important to achieve the goal. A campaign that is run without a goal will bring back no leads.

Follow the trend and make use of Hashtags

The beauty business is all about staying in trend. Salons and business personnel who run the pages on social media should keep up with the trend. People follow the one who offers something unique and new. Use hashtags to reach new users and let maximum people see the post. Staying in trend only refers to representing the services in an innovative way and not changing the business concept. 


At last, marketing through social media channels gives great results only if done on regular basis. It is a topic of lengthy conversation and a lot to discuss. Besides all the above-mentioned strategies there are many more key points that are equally important. They are to be consistent in posting and respond actively to every negative or positive feedback.

Hopefully, this article has provided every information regarding social media marketing for the beauty business.