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The Walking Dead: World Beyond 2021 TV Series – Season 2

Fans of The Walking Dead want news about Rick Grimes, any news. The leader from the flagship series survived a bridge explosion in season nine and hasn’t been seen since. Recently it was announced that Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) would be crossing over to the spin-off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The expectation from fans is that she will share information about Rick.

Viewers of The Walking Dead know that Rick survived, and Jadis called a helicopter to take him off to an unknown location. The only characters in the series that know he survived are Michonne and his daughter Judith. Michonne went off in search of him at Judith’s assistance, and Judith has kept this secret to herself.

Another person who knows Michonne went off in look of ‘someone’ is Virgil. With his return, and if he survives his recent wounds, he could share this information with everyone at Alexandria. Would Daryl want to go off in search of him one again?

The Walking Dead Word Beyond clues to Rick Grimes
In an interview with Insider, World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete shared some insight into Jadis’ role in the spin-off series.

Negrete stated that we will learn right off a bit about what she’s been up since we last saw her. We will know more about who Jadis has become since her time on The Walking Dead. As far as Rick is concerned, we won’t learn a lot about him, but Jadis has a connection to him that Negrete feels will up the level of intrigue for fans.

When McIntosh left the series, her departure was eclipsed by Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan also leaving, and Negrete feels she never got her due. He is pleased to bring her back and tell more of Jadis’ story. Negrete began working on The Walking Dead the same season that McIntosh started and wrote her final scene. He is excited to work with her again and tell more of Jadis’ story.

World Beyond is a limited series that will end with its second season. The trailer for this upcoming season shows more action and a deeper storyline.

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