The unique composition and amazing properties of honey

The man started using honey before that sugar appears in its pure form. This handy, viscous and fragrant treat destroy all colonies of wasps accident before, the barbarian path is mined. Later humans learned to breed these useful and hard-working insects, and only in the twentieth century, the unique composition of honey was studied. However, no one could do to make his artificial analogy useful, elastic, and fragrant. The industry was only able to achieve external similarity, as well as flavor, but it was not possible to balance the composition and incorporate unique enzymes to this day.

What’s in the composition of honey?

It includes a scented treatment:

  • water (up to 20% depending on the age of honey);
  • sucrose;
  • fructose;
  • glucose;
  • protein and amino acids;
  • enzymes;
  • pollen;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • microflora;
  • coloring and flavoring.

The chemical composition of honey is very similar to human blood, so it is actively absorbed by the body.

Types of honey and their useful properties

There are all kinds of two types of this useful substance:

  • Monofler;
  • polyflernye.

Honey, the composition immediately contains pollenseveral varieties of plants belong to the second category. If only one plant has pollen in its composition, then it is called monoflern. Within the framework of this article, we will consider only natural honey. Beekeepers also distinguish according to combs:

  • lime;
  • Acacia;
  • wheat;
  • flower;
  • and others.

More often it is possible to meet honey tile on sale. It has a characteristic odor, quickly turns solid, acquires a creamy shade here. Liquid lime honey – viscous, has a greenish color. The lime subtype is used to treat colds and respiratory infections. Any of the variants of this sweet product have bactericidal properties because the honey composition contains acids and a large amount of sugar. These properties were first discovered by Dutch Kettel.

Buckwheat beeswoman is still called femaleproduct. The chemical composition of honey from buckwheat pollen is very different from other types and can be determined by its appearance. It is a very dark and thick mass with a brownish red tint.

 Its different feature is that it stays liquid for a long time. The acacia, best honey in Pakistan contains a large amount of vitamins and contributes to overcoming stress conditions, normalizes blood pressure, digestion, speeds up metabolism. This product is recommended for diabetes, heart disease, neurotic conditions and eye diseases.

Hawthorn honey has a characteristic aroma and differs in a bitter and cornflower blue green hue. As is known, heather is a kind of bee delicacy like honey. Its composition is special, so it is extremely difficult to extract from combs and sometimes it is impossible to do so. Heather pollen imparts amber color and unique healing properties.

Beekeepers also distinguish:

  • (bright and very precious);
  • dyagile (caramel flavored viscose);
  • honeysuckle (light honey);
  • kaprejnyj (pollen from a plant Ivan-tea);
  • maple (light and very tasty);
  • clover (does not smell and is used in gynecology);
  • chestnut (powerful immunostimulant);
  • sunflower (weakly flavored, rapidly crystallizing);
  • cotton (colorless).

In conclusion, it should be said that honey beekeepers are distinguished by the breed of bees along with the growing area of ​​honey growers:

  • mountain;
  • meadow;
  • forestry;
  • area.

Interestingly, a growing number of allergists have come to the conclusion that he is not allergic to honey. Some people react to artificial ingredients and a specific type of pollen in fakes. Natural allergies are treated with bee products.

In addition to this honey is being used as a medicine for many serious ilnesses,surely we will cover this topic in our next artilce to be publish very soon on this site.


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