The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light 2021 Movie

The adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins may be near its end, but the anime has one last hurrah before it’s over: a film titled Cursed By Light.

Set to be released by Netflix on October 1, the film adapts the final arc of Nakaba Suzuki’s manga of the same name.

Fans may well be confused by where the film is placed in the overall story, given the anime series already came to a conclusion with its fifth season— the second half of which was released on the streaming platform on September 23.

But fear not, here is everything you need to know about the forthcoming film and where it fits into the timeline of The Seven Deadly Sins.

What is Cursed By Light about?

Cursed By Light follows the eponymous group of fighters The Seven Deadly Sins and their leader, “Dragon’s Sin of Wrath” Meliodas, following the end of the Holy War in the Liones Kingdom.

Enjoying a more peaceful existence after years of war, Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth Liones decide to go traveling together.

During their journey they arrive for “Grizzly Sin of Sloth” Harlequin and “Serpent Sin of Envy” Diane’s wedding, alongside fellow team members “Fox Sin of Greed” Ban and “Goat Sin of Lust” Gowther.

However, the happy occasion is ruined when “Second Fairy King” Dahlia and the “Giant Master Craftsman” Dubs attack them with their army of Faeries and Giants.

The two leaders have set their sights on getting revenge on the group for stopping the Holy War, forcing The Seven Deadly Sins to reunite for one final battle.

Where does Cursed By Light fit into the timeline?
Even though it is being released after the final season of the anime series, the film is actually set during the show’s run

The events of Cursed By Light take place between Episode 23 and 24 of the fifth season, titled “An Everlasting Kingdom” and “Heirs” respectively.

Despite being set between the last two episodes of the anime series the film adapts the manga’s final chapter.

While The Seven Deadly Sins may be coming to an end, creator Suzuki is currently working on a spin-off manga titled Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

The sequel is focused on the exploits of a young boy named Percival and his journey after discovering he is one of four knights predicted to bring about the end of the world.

Source: newsweek

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