The Rational Life 2021 Tv Show Review

Stars : Pan HongBao Wen JinCalvin Li


The Chinese drama follows 34-year-old Shen Ruo Xin, a rationalist who feels helpless in life. Whether it is in the dilemmas of a male-dominated company and workplace, or the strong urge from her mother to marry, or the marriage problems of her best friends… In the face of the multiple facets of life, she still has a clear goal and heart. Shen Ruo Xin is resolute and stubborn to start the path of growth. And Qi Xiao’s company also helps her discover another possibility of intimacy. This is not only the story of Shen Ruo Xin, but also the story of every 30+ female.

Plot Synopsis

In a largely male-dominated company, Shen Ruo Xin’s road to promotion is difficult.

It has been a year since competing for the position of Director of the Legal Business Department, but Liu Pei, the company’s vice president, makes things difficult for her. Shen Ruo Xin was in danger and ordered to take over the spontaneous combustion case.

Shen Ruo Xin and Qi Xiao team up to find evidence from Jin Yuan Hao. When Shen Ruo Xin and Jin Yuan Hao sign an agreement for a peaceful settlement, the photos are taken and spread on the Internet.

It turns out it was Shen Ruo Xin’s boyfriend Cui Li Xing who was behind the scenes hoping that Shen Ruo Xin would resign and get married.

Shen Ruo Xin refuses her boyfriend’s proposal and decisively breaks up with him. But because of the photo incident, he is transferred to the Administration Department.

Qi Xiao, as Shen Ruo Xin’s assistant, accompanies her in business. Xu Min Jie, the vice president of an aircraft company, publicly pursues Shen Ruo Xin and Qi Xiao angrily denounces Xu Min Jie’s ex-girlfriend for provoking her.

Money, values, family, career… Shen Ruo Xin warms up to Qi Xiao and finally realizes that love is never an equal exchange or a burden. It is just the attraction of two people, the similarity of interests, the collision of souls and the separation of joys, sorrows, and achievement.

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