The Pack Tv Show Review 2020

At the start of The Pack, the host is stuck in traffic in L.A. and what follows is a La La Land introduction, with owners showing off their dogs and the host describing their love for the animal. It’s a rather cheesy opening, but one that expresses our human obsession with dogs.

The opening does not really work; it’s laboured and a little bit out of sync with the script, but there are no losers when it comes to a reality series like this; if you love dogs, the competition speaks for itself.

The Pack season 1 follows 12 dogs and their human partners as they embark on a once in a lifetime opportunity to trot the world and take part in a range of challenges and have experiences like no other.

While there is prize money for the winning dog, including a pot of cash for a charity of choice, the real selling point of the reality competition is the companionship between dog and human. The Amazon series tries especially hard to ensure that the dogs are the leading beings in the series.

there really is a reality show for everything. However, this a welcome concept; the series brings in a range of different personalities who all have a commonality — dogs. This is really a dog lover’s dream in a travelling reality series that many would love to apply for.

The important question is, does Amazon’s The Pack have longevity? I imagine the production and administration effort to get these dogs into different countries can be quite a mammoth task.

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While I think a certain demographic would plunge themselves into this series, we have to wonder if this will be a one-time effort. Regardless, The Pack soothed my heart for one dog at a time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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