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The Digital Printing Process Step by Step

The process of printing images on paper and other surfaces such as acrylic, plastic, and fabric is known as digital printing. There are numerous digital printing company that have made their mark on the digital printing sector with their advanced use of the technology.

Though some may argue that the cost of digital printing is more expensive than the traditional method, the client doesn’t have to pay for the printing plates. This brings down the total price of printing. Once you have the final design approved by the clients and done with proofreading, then comes the time to send the design for printing. This article will explain the step-by-step process of digital printing.

1. The designs

Some digital printing company have their designer who helps in creating designs for printing. While some directly take the image from the client that needs to be printed. But before printing, the image is shown to the client, and once the client approves the design, the design is sent for printing. The client and the digital printing company participate in meetings and decide the final image that needs to be sent for printing.

2. The format

Once the design is approved and the digital printing company receives the image, the image is saved appropriately. The file must be specified with the right format because it makes it easier for the printer to identify the format and then go ahead with the print. If the format is not specified properly, then there will be an error, and the printer won’t print the design, as it will not be able to recognize the format.

3. Clean the printer

Cleaning is an important aspect of printing to prevent the fluid from drying up in the printer. If the printer is not cleaned after every 100 prints, then there are chances the printer might get damaged. Usually, if the printer uses more color, it must be cleaned before the 100th print.

4. Checks before printing

Some checks are mandatorily done to ensure the printer keeps on printing properly without any issues. These checks are: –

  1. There is a drum that collects waste ink after every iteration. The drum must be emptied and cleaned frequently. This prevents any further ink spillage.
  2. The cleaner must never be empty because the printer uses some cleaner every time you restart the printer. If the cleaner is empty, then it will cause significant damage to the printer.
  3. The temperature of the ink must not exceed 20℃ to 25℃ as it can cause severe damage to the print head.

5. Final check and pallets

Before starting the printing process, inspect the printer once more and perform a final check of the checklist. After this, pallets are needed. Pallets help hold the product and are available in different sizes as per the needs of the clients. Once the product is kept safely on the pallet, the design is ready to be printed.

6. There should be no crease on the product

This step is mandatory to be checked. If there is a single minuscule crease on the product, then the whole printing will be compromised. If there are any creases on the product, it is usually advised to get a new product for printing. The product is then laid on the pallet for the next step of printing.

7. The printer does the work

Now the digital printer does their work of printing onto the product. The print starts from the print head and moves side to side. While moving, the printer sprays the colors of the final design onto the product. Depending on the design, the printer takes time to print the design.

8. Drying the product

To ensure that the print sticks to the product, the product is removed from the pallet and is kept to dry. The product is dried under a huge dryer that does the job of drying the product effectively. The design is kept in front of the dryer for some time.

9. Check the final product

The last step is to ensure that the product is fully dried and has the design properly imprinted on the product. Once the printing and the drying are done, some experts check the product and are given the green light to pack and deliver the time to the client.

Wrapping up

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