The Cuphead Show

The Cuphead Show! 2022 Tv Series Review- Netflix

The Cuphead show was created by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. A multiseason season series on Netflix with 12 episodes and each episode is less than 16 minutes. Voice actors Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro bring the formerly silent Cuphead and Mugman to life as cheeky brats with New Jersey accents. Whacky Elder Kettle has given the voice of Joe Hanna and Grey Griffin as the bubbly Ms. Chalice; Clancy Brown as a grumpy Porkrind; Wayne Brady as the smooth-talking King Dice; and Luke Millington-Drake as a pitch-perfect devil.

The Cuphead show really needs to stop straddling. Children’s cartoons episodes do not need any type of connected stories, they should better end onto the single episode’s time span. If we look at the audience for this series, I am sure this show is not for adults and if we talk about adults, they can stick to the story that lasts with many episodes. And if the aiming audience is kids then there should be a rethinking of the plots of the show.

There is a theme song in the show that continues telling us that they are living in a location called The Inkwell Isles and then explains the details of the place like “where there’s good and there’s bad and then there’s in-between.” The series ultimately aches for adventure-inspiring material.

In the first episode, Cuphead got tricked and loses his soul and this is the only overarching storyline of season 1. After that Cuphead and Mugman participate in several adventures that include rising a baby, stealing ice cream, pissing off ghosts. These are some enjoyable moments of the show. And further episode 4 as the title suggests “Handle with Care”, in which Mugman loses his handle.

Although dynamic Visualisation, characterization, and humor are nicely added in the show. The addition of voice to the characters makes them look real for the kids. Overall by the time, it is not fully good as the video game was. But you can enjoy it with your little loved ones, they will surely love this Cuphead show.

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