The Christmas Edition 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Peter Sullivan

Writer: Anna White

Stars: Carly Hughes, Rob Mayes, Marie Osmond

The festivities, snow, decorations, and everything surrounding Christmas could mean a zillion different things to humans. While it offers a sense of togetherness by bringing close the loved ones, some may look forward to a Christmas miracle to make their lives magical.

Lifetime’s holiday movie ‘The Christmas Edition’ offers one such take on the annual festival, as it present to us the story of Jackie (Carly Hughes), an overly ambitious journalist who goes to great lengths to make her dreams come true in the Christmas spirit.

Jackie, who hails from a family of renowned journalists, has been working really hard to become a news editor. Having spent the majority of her life in the newsroom, serving as an editor is her only dream in life. However, life comes crashing down on Jackie when her boss decides to hold her promotions, which forced Jackie to quit the job.

Just when she’s on the verge of losing hope, she comes across an opportunity that could help her serve as the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper based in a small town in Alaska. Pursuing her dreams, Jackie takes up the opportunity and becomes the new head of Latern Grove Press, a press outlet that’s struggling to survive.

Thanks to Jackie’s vision and determination, the small-town newspaper begins to thrive on all the Christmas edition special stories that Jackie works on. While her professional life flourishes, Jackie consciously or unconsciously gets romantically involved with Finn (Rob Mayes)n, the son of the newspaper owner.

While she’s trying to work things around her blooming romance, her professional dream is faced with an obstacle, which can only be saved by a Christmas miracle.

Unlike other Christmas movies that dwell too deep in the nuances of the festival, ‘The Christmas Edition’ offers a different approach to the festival, by focusing on instilling hope in times of trouble. The film thrives on the harsh reality of life while offering solutions to emerge successful despite difficulties.

The acting and dialogues are on point, with no exaggerated humor or drama, which also acts as a defining characteristic of the movie. The film premises on a hard-working journalist’s determination to climb up the professional ladder, and throughout its course the plotline develops smoothly, without any distractions.

The actors have flexed their acting muscles just enough to suit their roles and the subtlety in the same makes it more appealing.

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‘The Christmas Edition’ is a fun watch and the film consists of depth. The audience can approach it for light-hearted entertainment as well as for some valuable life lessons.

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