The 8th Night 2021

The 8th Night 2021 Movie Review

Get ready to have shivers running down your spine again with the upcoming film ‘The 8th Night’. Directed by Kim Tae-hyung, the supernatural thriller features an ensemble cast comprising of Lee Sung-min, Park Hae-joon, Kim You-jung and Nam Da-reum. The film’s trailer that was released online has been receiving a lot of love from fans of the genre.

Ahead of the film’s July release, the filmmaker, who is making his feature directorial debut, got candid about the film, its story, and even the significance of the title.

Director Kim revealed the secret meaning behind the film’s title during a press conference on Monday where he said that the title carries several meanings, one of which is that story unfolds during the period of eight days and implied that something will happen on the eighth night. Moreover, he said that when flipped sideways, the number 8 becomes an infinity symbol thus signifying the concept of eternity, karma and fate.

The upcoming film follows Jin-su (Lee Sung-min), a former exorcist, as he teams up with a young monk named Chung-seok (Nam Da-reum) and detective Ho-tae (Park Hae-joon) to stop all hell from breaking loose, as an ancient spirit is freed and leaves a trail of murders in its path. With just 8 days to prevent any further death or destruction, the three must work together and even risk their lives to stop its resurrection of the evil force once and for all.

Kim explained that the inspiration for the idea came from the Diamond Sutra, one of East Asia’s most renowned Mahayana Buddhist teachings.

Actor Lee revealcentret he was fascinated by shamanism and the spiritual realm. “My character has the ability to sense the unseen and unknown world, so it felt like stepping into another world. Because the concept was so new to me, I had to consult with a shaman and a monk to get ideas on how to play the character. I also learned Sanskrit,” he said at the event.
Lee discussed how ‘The 8th Night’ differs from other mystery thrillers, saying that usually demons or Satan are placed at the center of occult movies, but said that their film focused on spiritual enlightenment and fundamental teachings of Buddhism related to pain and suffering.

Source: timesofindia

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