How does car leasing work?

On the face of it, car leasing and personal contract purchase (PCP) – another popular form of car finance – are similar. Both involve a deposit and making regular monthly payments. Buying a car with a PCP is usually more expensive than…


Some Analysis of Your Car Finance

Car finance is not complicated. Once you understand the basic knowledge, you can better choose the car finance scheme suitable for you. Buying a car seems a little unbearable, especially for people who buy a car for the first time….

7 cautions for a double clutch transmission

These units are very modern and allow gear changes in fractions of a second, but require specific care. Double-clutch transmissions were born during the last century and although they did not convince customers at the time, Porsche took them back…

Tesla Autopilot Design ‘Led To’ Crash

According to a report released by the US National Transportation Safety Board, driver distraction and the design of Tesla’s Autopilot System resulted in a crash in early 2018. It stated that Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system relaxed the driver from the…

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