Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running At Its Best

Summer can be a pleasant season for multiple beach days, but it can be a rough season for your car. The excruciating higher temperatures, traffic, multiple stops, and the overall salty condition can prove disastrous for your vehicle, especially if you think of taking a long road trip. In fact, the vehicle’s most important systems may stop working altogether, resulting in added expenses.

However, there is always a way out from any situation. But, when it comes to vehicles, one has to start taking precautions even before the summer arrives.

So, here is your source of summer maintenance tips that will help you to keep your vehicle running at its best without any issues.

1 Get The Oil And Oil Filter Changed: If you took your vehicle for an oil change a long time ago, then see to it that you get it done before the summer hits. This is because intense weather conditions, hot or cold, tend to put extra demands on the oil filter and the oil.

And as we all know that oil works to keep the engine parts lubricated, and the filter captures unnecessary debris, metal fragments, and dirt, so getting them changed is crucial to keep the engine working properly.

A clean filter will pick more materials in the oil and let only cleaner oil in the engine, thus keeping the engine and vehicle performance at their best.

2 Cross-Check the Fluid Levels: Weather changes can also result in low power steering fluid, coolant, wiper fluid, and even transmission fluid. So it is wise to cross-check them all, especially the coolant liquid, before the heat gets unbearable.

In fact, one of the biggest causes of summer breakdown is overheating of the vehicle. So, ensuring the liquids aren’t running low can save you a huge expense.

However, if you aren’t comfortable checking the fluid levels, then visit the nearest body shop in Louisville, KYand let the technicians take a look at it.

3 Inspect the Tire Pressure: Not all the roads your vehicle travels on are the same. And that means hitting a pothole or two is common. However, such road conditions can put a lot of pressure on your tire. Likewise, based on the outdoor temperature, the tire gains and loses its pressure on a daily basis. For instance, during cooler temperatures, the tire may lose one or two pounds of air per month.

So, before you hit the road for your long road trip during summer, make sure that the tires, including the spare ones, are properly inflated as tires with low air pressure can wear out sooner.

4 Monitor the Alignment: If you notice that your steering wheel isn’t centered while you’re driving straight, if the car pulls to one side or if the steering wheel is vibrating, then take your vehicle to get alignment inspected.

Alignment issues can be a result of general wear and tear or must be due to rough roads, potholes, and curbs.

With a proper alignment, you can increase the span of your tires, enjoy a smoother ride and save a few dollars on the gas. Quick monitoring is enough to know if your vehicle requires an alignment service or not.

5 Test the Vehicle Battery: The lowering fluids in your vehicle will also result in the oxidation of battery components. And that means you can get stranded on the road without any prior warning. In fact, not many people realize that heat can be the number one reason for reduced battery life and battery failure.

So, stop by at your nearest body shop in Louisville, KYto get your battery tested. The technicians will be able to tell you at what temperature your battery can fail. A quick test before the trip is all you need to avoid being caught off guard by the vehicle that won’t budge in the summer.

6 Get the Brakes Assessed: There is nothing more important than good brakes if you are taking a long road trip during summer. Your daily driving habit must have already taken a toll on the brakes.

Whether there is some noise when hitting the brakes, needing extra force to halt the vehicle or if there is no visible sign, it is wise to get the brakes checked for a smooth trip.

Over to You

It goes without saying, the vehicle is a depreciating asset, so no matter how careful you are while driving, the major parts will wear out over time, especially in summer. And the only way to ensure that your vehicle offers optimum performance even after a few years of the purchase is by maintaining it properly.

So, use the tips mentioned above and visit Glaser’s Collision Centers to enjoy the best-performing vehicle throughout the summer.

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