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‘Singled Out’ Tv Show Review 2020

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I thought I had moved on from the short and sweet dating shows in favor of season-long searches for love, like Netflix’s latest Love Is Blind, but much to my surprise, MTV’s Singled Out revamp for Quibi is a delight!

Similar to the 90s show, this new version involves three rounds of elimination. Round one is called “dealbreakers.” The “dater” picks a category that can be about anything from life to where you prefer to sit on an airplane. If the players in the “singles” pool don’t have an answer that matches the dater’s, they’re eliminated.

This process is repeated twice and then we’re left with the top three singles. In round two, those singles “slide into the daters’ DMs” using a social media photo and their favorite pick-up line. That round sends another contestant to the “friend zone” and we’re down to two singles who compete in round three, “Get Physical,” which basically asks, how far are you willing to go to get singled out? Will you show off your skills on the runway? Those types of physical challenges decide if you’re the big winner.

I watched a lot of MTV dating shows growing up – Room Raiders, Date My Mom, Next, you name it! But short form dating shows became a thing of the past. With the rise of hugely popular season-long romance shows like The Bachelor and my most recent favorite, Love Is Blind, does a new Singled Out that consists of six to eight minute episodes even stand a chance? Much to my surprise, it seems like it can.

The show probably won’t churn out social media stars like those other programs simply because it isn’t enough time to get to know anyone well, but if you’re looking for a quick escape, Singled Out is a winner. Keke Palmer is often electric in scripted programming and the same is true of her here as host.

She’s got great energy and a pretty seamless back and forth with her co-host, Joel Kim Booster. At the start, one might wonder if two hosts are really necessary, but after watching three episodes, it’s easy to see that having two hands on deck in that capacity is key to the high-energy and very swift pacing.

Another winning quality of this version of Singled Out – which I hear is something the 2018 show did as well – is how it embraces the LGBTQ community. The first episode features a guy looking for the man of his dreams.

Then we get a female contestant who likes guys and girls. And in the third episode, the dater is a drag queen. That wide pool of representation keeps the show fresh from episode to episode, showcasing a variety of races and lifestyles, something more dating shows should be doing way more often.

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Yes, Singled Out is still superficial, mostly mindless content, but it’s enjoyable, and in the Quibi format, it’s highly binge-able. Even if you’ve come to prefer dating games that span full seasons and allow a viewer to really get to know the players, Singled Out could still serve as a worthwhile in-between, especially if you’re in need of a quick escape that will likely put a well-earned smile on your face.

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