Signs of a Security System Scam

When it comes to home security, the last thing one wants to experience is a scam. But when a door-to-door sales associate pitches you about the home security system, every word coming out of his mouth suddenly starts feeling convincing.

Even though many trustworthy home security or alarm companies hire traveling sales agents to promote their services by going door-to-door, it is wise to note that some of these sales agents utilize high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics in order to make the potential customer purchase unwanted, expensive, and sometimes substandard things.

So, before you believe the convincing speech, it is important that you know that you aren’t dealing with a scammer. Here are a few warning signs that tell the door-to-door sales agent you are dealing with is just wasting your time and money.

1. They Pressure You To Make A Quick Decision: A sales agent representing reliable home security in Louisville will never force you to make any decisions quickly. But that isn’t the same with the scammer. They knock on the door with the intention of making a sale, regardless. And that means they will use special or limited time offer tactics so that you act instantly.

In fact, these scammers may pressure you into buying something without offering you enough time to look at the deal.

There is nothing as a one-time-only offer in real companies because that means changing the price daily. Even though real companies have closeout sales at a discounted price but that is usually on old products and not the new ones.

2. They Offer Free Things: Some scammers may offer you a deal at a lower price, and some may offer you a “free” product at a particular price.

But you must know that these free things usually come with a string attached. For instance, you may require signing some kind of contract that locks you in for three to five years and makes you pay a high monthly monitoring fee.

And trust us, not all the free products are of superior quality, you may end up purchasing totally useless or inoperative equipment.

3. They Are Trying To Scare You: Another common tactic of scammers is that they try to scare people into buying things. For instance, the scammer will make a story about burglaries in the neighborhood and make you believe that you aren’t well-equipped for such situations.

In fact, some scammers go beyond and tell that the burglars hit the home just down the street or at the corner of the street from you. And such stories usually scare people into thinking that their house must be the next, resulting in purchasing the home security in Louisville.

4. They Pose As If They Belong To Your Existing Security Company: Even if your house already has a security system, that doesn’t mean that the scammers will spare you. In fact, they will use the name of the existing Security Company to sneak in their contract, equipment, etc.

For instance, the scammer will get inside your house telling that he belongs from so and so the company and wants to perform maintenance or upgrade something. Once you permit the scammer, he will take out your old system and install a completely new one. This way, the scammer will ask you to sign a new contract, typically with a high monthly fee.

Well, to be honest, a legitimate security company never sends any sales agent unannounced.

5. They Talk About Replacing The Existing Company: Sometimes, instead of saying they belong to a particular company, the scammers may say that your existing security company is running out of business and is replaced by their company. They may even add that all the accounts of the company have been taken over and you may require signing a new contract.

Well, all this information is nothing but a scam unless you are told about the same by the person working in the existing company.

6. They Behave In A Suspicious Demeanor: A scammer will never give you true information upfront. And sometimes, not even when asked.

But know that, as per the state law, the door-to-door salesperson is required to provide their identification information, the name of the business they represent, and the details of products, goods, and services they wish to sell. In fact, many sales agents carry their “pocket card” license and a photo ID. So take time to inspect those.

Over to You

Well, it is quite evident from the blog that the scammers have a certain way of showcasing themselves. It is you who has to be extremely smart. If you come across a sales agent at your doorstep who is exhibiting all or even one sign as mentioned above, then tell them politely that you aren’t interested, even if he/she insists.

Instead, work with the professionals like Hawkeye Security & Electronics. It is better to work with the service provider directly than through a middleman.

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