Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord

Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord 2021 Movie Review

Netflix is ​​producing the best movies and documentaries these days. Where the team of Netflix wants to bring to the world those stories which have not been revealed to anyone yet. So now Netflix has released its new documentary Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord. There is a good response from the audience about this series, let us tell you, after How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), Netflix has brought this powerful documentary. In which we have been introduced to a boy who does drug business worth crores of rupees at the age of just 19.

This is one of the biggest cyber crime cases known in Germany till date, no one knows where so much money went. Shiny Flex was arrested by the police for selling drugs online. The boy sold drugs worth 4.1 million euros while sitting in his bedroom. Let us tell you, the name of this person who has done such a great job is Maximilian Schmidt. This documentary shows the whole story of this boy, how Maximilian Schmidt made his business so big in just 14 months. The one thing that stands out in this entire documentary is that Maximilian Schmidt’s strong style has always been proud of the fact that everything he did was absolutely right. No shame, no regrets, very open, honest, and quite positive about what and how he became a drug lord. Max used to send some beers and sweets along with drugs to his customers, due to which he became famous for his customer service as well.

A psychiatrist shown in this documentary says that Max was an arrogant person, due to which he was very dangerous. Experts also say that Max was an arrogant person, due to which he did not talk about his family, friends, relatives. Max was a computer genius, due to which he was quick to hack and with the help of this he had created such a huge market for himself in just 14 months. The story of Max’s capture is even more interesting, which is why we want you to see for yourself in this documentary, and enjoy it.

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