Sailor Moon Eternal 2021 Movie Review

Sailor Moon Eternal – The Manga Loyal Anime Review

Inspired by the enemy five season Marathon from 1992 to 1997, Sailor Moon Eternal adopts a story from Bishoujo sailor moon. Just like the old anime, The basic story was the same as the manga. However, a few changes were made but the fans and the director herself didn’t like them.

Considering the 2012 version of Sailor Moon and MA, the adaptation of the series to the manga was pretty faithful. In the fourth season, which was not exactly the fourth season but a pair of two movies.

The Gist

As mentioned above, the movie comprises two parts. In the first one, there is a group of villains called Dead Moon Circus that arise on earth to mysteriously steal everyone’s dream for sinful purposes. People who are familiar with the original enemy will find the lack of fillers as a huge improvement. The previous one had plenty of them and was sometimes annoying. Using important guest characters without adding to the main story was a turn off. However, that’s no problem with this one.

Since every series comes with its set of flaws, this one is no different. Watching the manga of Sailor Moon coming on screen is worth a joy to behold. One might feel that the first half is repetitive as it introduces the villains, it gets really good gradually as you move towards the end.

Our take

The movie in itself is one of the most interesting pieces of anime that can be seen on screen. And since it’s a very loyal adaptation of Manga, the movie is full of those enigmatic scenes a fan might be waiting for. Also Netflix released both the parts at once, the fans didn’t have to wait much.

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