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Review: Who Killed Sara? 2021 Tv Series [Season 2][Updated]

Season 2

Of all the Netflix TV shows to see a release in the first three months of 2021, the Mexican murder-revenge thriller Who Killed Sara (Quién mató a Sara?) has surprised just about everyone and become the most talked-about series on the streaming service. And even though the first season premiered in March 2021, fans of the engaging story about a man hellbent on revenge for his sister’s murder after spending 18 years in prison don’t have to wait much longer as Who Killed Sara Season 2 is right around the corner.

Below is a breakdown of a few quick things we know about the Netflix series before its return, including the Who Killed Sara Season 2 release date, the cast (both returning and new characters), and everything else you need to know about the riveting murder mystery series.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Premieres May 19, 2021
Those who thought it would be 2022 at the earliest before we got to pick up where we left off with Álex Guzmán (Narcos’ Manolo Cardona) and his endless crusade to uncover the truth of who was behind the death of his sister, Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) have probably never felt so good to be wrong because Who Killed Sara Season 2 premieres May 19, 2021. A little less than two months following the Netflix series’ March 24 debut, there isn’t much time at all before the second chapter in the thriller drags us all back in again.

The Who Killed Sara Season 2 Cast Includes New Additions Matías Novoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho And Antonio De La Vega
There is a lot of unfinished business for Álex Guzmán and the Lazcano family heading into Who Killed Sara Season 2, but the series will see an even more expansive cast with the additions of Matías Novoa, Daniel Giménez Cacho, and Antonio de la Vega. The identities of the trio of actors’ characters have yet to be revealed but expect to hear more about this as we get closer to the debut of Who Killed Sara on May 19, 2021.

Writer José Ignacio Valenzuela And A Trio Of Directors Returned For Who Killed Sara Season 2
When Deadline announced that Netflix had picked up Who Killed Sara Season 2 and revealed the quickly approaching release date, it was reported that series creator and writer José Ignacio Valenzuela had penned the script for the show’s second chapter. The series’ trio of directors: David “Leche” Ruiz, Carlos Bolado, and Poncho Pineda also returned to continue the drama involving Álex Guzmán as he tries to get to the bottom of his sister’s murder nearly 20 years earlier.

It wasn’t revealed, however, how many episodes will make up Who Killed Sara Season 2. The show’s freshman season consisted of 10 episodes ranging 36 to 45 minutes, so expect more of the same when it returns later this spring.

Season 1

Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Did you enjoy shows like Narcos and Narcos: Mexico? Then you should definitely check out Who Killed Sara? on Netflix. This intense drama has the production value of the aforementioned shows and is a tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Who Killed Sara? Was it someone obvious? Or someone completely unexpected? The show is holding that answer close to the chest – you’ll have to watch to find out.

Who Killed Sara? stars Manolo Cardona (who played Eduardo Sandoval in the first two seasons of Narcos) as Alex, a man wrongfully convicted for the death of his sister Sara. After 18 years behind bars, Alex is released from prison and looks to finally solve the mystery that’s haunted him for most of his life. The problem is, the secret to Sara’s death is shrouded by a corrupt family – led by the tough Cesar Lazcano (Ginés García Millán). Alex’s only ally in this mission is a mysterious “Good Samaritan” and the youngest Lazcano sibling – Elisa (Carolina Miranda).

Anyone Could Be The Killer
To me, everyone feels suspicious. The Lazcano parents, all of the Lazcano siblings, and anyone on-screen feels as if they could have had something to do with this crime. In a way, the show feels like ABC’s Revenge – a well-down drama that’s full of lies and deceit. As you go through the show, you’re provided with perfectly placed flashbacks. Ones that give you insight into the key players in this story. The real question is – why was Sara killed? What was it about her that someone felt warranted killing her? I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to find out.

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Rating: 4.5/5
The actors are doing a great job in their roles. Manolo plays the brooding and clever lead very well here. If Narcos is the only thing you’ve seen him in, you’re used to him having a small recurring role in a bigger story. Here, though; he’s front and center and you want to go along this ride with him. Millán plays a very convincing dislikeable patriarch and Miranda is great as the crafty younger sibling. Alejandro Nones does a great job in portraying the ver-conflicted Rodolfo. And Eugenio Siller does really well in keeping Chema’s true intentions a secret.

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