Review: Voyagers 2021 Movie

Lionsgate has officially released its first trailer for sci-fi thriller Voyagers. The film revolves around a group of fresh-faced, specially-engineered youths on a mission in space who all seem to need wrangling by tired mentor Colin Farrell. Voyagers is serving up big Euphoria vibes with its strong, neon-soaked lighting and devil-may-care attitude. As we know, space tends to be the place where all bets are off, and those who have been literally engineered to follow orders might not be so willing to comply once they’re exposed to a taste of new possibilities.

Released on Tuesday morning, the premise of the Voyagers trailer seems to begin like any other, with the promise of exploration into deep space. However, the bright pink title cards and the inclusion of some very obvious techno music make it clear that this won’t be your average sci-fi movie either. A voiceover indicates that the group of young travelers has been getting drugged against their will, although whether they’re forced to wean themselves off the mysterious substance referred to as “blue” or find some other way to circumvent its effects remains to be seen. Either way, they start to realize they can feel things — and each other — for the very first time, and that new exposure to different sensations proves to be more addictive than anyone could have predicted. Dancing, fighting quickly ensue.

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Written and directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist, Limitless, Divergent), Voyagers boasts a cast of many familiar genre faces, including Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, Fionn Whitehead, Isaac Hempstead Wright, as well as Farrell. The movie chronicles the journey taken by a group of 30 young men and women literally bred for compliance who set out on an expedition. Their mission? To form a colony on a far-off planet. When they uncover the true mystery of their expedition, it results in not just defiance of their intended purpose but a deep-dive into some of their most primitive instincts.

Voyagers was originally slated for a November 2020 premiere date but was pushed back due to changes in Lionsgate’s release schedule along with several other films on the distributor’s slate.

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