Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Review Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans 2021

Following a year after the events of Wizards, Douxie Casperan, Nari & Archie are ambushed by the arrival of the Arcane Order in a subway train (located in Metro City). Jim Lake Jr & Claire Nunez accompanied the three and Toby Domzaski accidentally breaks the train’s brakes, causing the train to go fast and never slow down, as the other heroes (Stuart, Steve Palchuck & Krel Tarron) plans to use the anti-magic generator to stop the Arcane Order from using their magic. While Jim is wounded in battle against one of the Arcane Order’s members, Bellroc, the train begins to go off-track and Douxie uses his charm bracelet to create magical train tracks. Afterwards, Douxie switches bodies with Nari, and she is now in Douxie’s body.

In the newly rebuilt Camelot, Jim recovers his wounds and both Aja Tarron & Eli Pepperjack arrive from Akiradion-5, with Steve kissing Aja for the seventh time and Aja reveals that the seventh kiss can make babies, and Steve is the one who will be pregnant. All of the heroes gather around in the round table to discuss about the Arcane Order, who have sought to reawaken the Titans and combine the beings in the center of the universe, which will make Earth reborn and back to it’s first creation.

Elsewhere, the Arcane Order finds Douxie switching places with Nari, and the order uses their magic to revert the two back into their normal bodies. Before being reverted back to her body, Nari informs JIm that the trollhunter must make the ninth configuration and the kronisfere will make it right. The heroes then enter a roundhouse and discover that the Arcane Order is already preparing the ritual. While the heroes try their best effort to destroy the Genesis Seals, Jim tries to unlock his new and improved amulet but fails, and the ritual is completed. Each member of the Arcane Order controls one titan from Greenland, Brazil and the South China Sea.

The heroes then makes a plan; Jim needs the stone from Excalibur’s hilt for his new amulet and sends Krel, Stuart, Steve & Eli to get Excalibur (which is still struck on the stone), Claire leads a team (consisting of Blinky Galadrigal, Claire, Archie & Charlemagne) to Hong Kong in search for the kronsisfere (which is in the hands of Zong Chi, the leader of the TrollDragons in a new trollmarket) & the rest of the heroes tries their best to defeat the Titans. Stricklander & Nomura both are killed in a battle against the titans, and Jim’s team (consisting of Toby & Aja) travels to Hong Kong after receiving no contact from Claire’s team. While on their way to the new trollmarket, Jim’s team discovers that Bellroc’s titan is approaching a bridge until Varvatos Vex arrives in a mech suit designed by Eli (inspired by Gun Robot, a fictional character from the same universe). Bellroc manages to destroy the mech suit but Varvatoes manages to flee to safety. Jim & Toby manage to rescue Claire’s team to escape the new trollmarket, burning his right hand in the process. However, both Charlemagne & Archie stay behind to fend off an entire army of trolls dragons. The heroes reunite and Douxie manages to get inside Nari’s head, unlocking her freewill. Nari, on the side of the heroes, battles with Skreal’s titan and none of the two emerge victorious.

Afterwards, the heroes discover that Bellroc’s titan is not responding to Skreal & Nari’s defeat and is still marching to Arcadia Oaks. The heroes then realises that Blinky missed a page where if one succeeds, that one can unite with a hearthstone which will be an element of making earth reborn. The heroes meet up in Arcadia Oaks, and Jim fails once again to lift Excalibur off of the stone, until he realises that the ninth configuration is meant to represent him and his friends. As his friends place their hands on the stone and surrounding him, Jim ultimately pulls Excalibur off of the stone, and sends Stuart off to replace the new amulet’s stone with Excalibur’s stone. All of the heroes struggle to defeat Bellroc in an epic battle, Jim accepts that the amulet never made him a hero, he already was one, and the new amulet manages to come towards him, and in new armor, Jim faces off against Bellroc in an epic battle. Meanwhile, Toby rushes the truck, carrying the anti-magic ray, and he uses it stop Bellroc from using their magic, with gives Jim the opportunity to kill Bellroc with Excalibur, causing their titan to fall to the ground. As the heroes celebrate their victory and Steve’s pregnancy of giving birth to seven babies, Toby is nowhere in sight, and Jim rushes to search for him and finds that Toby has been crushed by the debris. A dying Toby gives his last breath, leaving all of the heroes in sorrow.

Afterwards, Jim realises that the kronisfere was meant to prevent all of the events they’ve been through from ever happening, and he gives his last goodbye to everyone before traveling to the first episode of Trollhunters (the morning where he found the amulet). Jim decides to give up his duty and allow Toby to take over the mantle, and after Toby finds the amulet in the remains of the Kanjigar, Toby yells his catchphrase; “AWESOMESAUCE!”

All set in the sleepy town of Arcadia, Trollhunters explored the mounting responsibilities of a Chosen-One mantle held by a human boy Jim (Emile Hirsch), 3Below introduced a force of extraterrestrial characters in a breezy sci-fi fish-out-of-water comedy and allegory about loving our immigrant neighbors, and the stuffy one-season Wizards explored navigating—and grieving—a flawed guardian figure while hurling through Arthurian time travel shenanigans.

From the mind that wove the imagination of adult-oriented Pan’s Labyrinth and Kronos, the child-friendly Tales of Arcadia contains del Toro’s signature affection for cog-twirling contraptions, mechas, magic, and creatures lurking in the underground or alleyways. In Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, the 104-minute filmic finale, our familiar gang of trolls and humans from Trollhunters, extraterrestrial pals from 3Below, and the magicians of Wizards have assembled to defeat evil.

The Arcane Order of primordial wizards (Kay Bess, Piotr Michael) plots to cleanse the Earth of human life for a new world order. Starting with a thrilling subway skirmish of magic and portal summoning, the Order seeks to snatch earth-spirit Nari (Angel Lin) from the wizard Douxie’s (Colin O’Donoghue) protection to open a magical seal that would awaken the titans. Things go south. Like pilots in mechas, the Arcane Order operate elemental titan bodies of earth, ice, and volcanic fire and must reach the center of the Earth, which is – you guessed it, Arcadia. (Nari, poor sweet Nari, more MacGuffin than character and didn’t get much development other than a conscientious will from her debut in the crammed Wizards.)

The movie answers the burning question: How does Jim deal with losing his signature amulet? His answer is a heartfelt concoction of magic and tech (thank you, del Toro) and the support of friendship. No one else really receives a culminating development, although a few alumni display the maturation they acquired across three shows. 3Below star Aja (Tatiana Maslany, tough-as-nails) emerges as the MVP and makes a welcomed return from her home planet. Aja’s experience as ruler has molded her hardass devotion to leadership and she’s unafraid of butting heads with her friends over the counsel table.

Source: talesofarcadia.fandom

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