Tribes of Europa

Review: Tribes of Europa By Philip Koch

New Netflix series Tribes of Europa landed on the platform this week. The German sci-fi thriller has already got viewers hooked and some will be wondering if it will be returning for a second season. Here’s everything that has been confirmed about season two so far.

Will there be another series of Tribes of Europa?
Created by Philip Koch and Florian Baxmeyer, Tribes of Europa is the latest German Netflix original.

The show follows a group of three siblings in 2074 after a global catastrophe caused Europe to be divided into tribal micro-states. After coming into the possession of a mysterious cube, the siblings get caught up in the continental conflict. Told across six episodes, viewers follow them as they attempt to change the fate of Europe.

The show was released in full on Netflix on February 19. However, some viewers may have already binge-watched the entire series.

As a result, they might be left wondering whether it will be coming back for a second outing any time soon. Netflix has not made an official announcement yet about whether the show will be returning. However, this is not unusual as they usually wait a few months before doing this. When it comes to this, the platform generally makes the decision based on things like viewership figures.

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Of course, it seems unlikely viewers would be able to see a second outing until at least early 2022.


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