The Bite 2021 tv series

Review: The Bite 2021

The Bite – A Satirical Review

When the show “The Good Wife” came on the TV, I was already impressed by Robert and Michelle King. Combining that with the top features Taylor Schilling and Audra McDonald, I had my expectations climbing mountains. 

However, the creativity is moderate and we found “The Bite” a bit dated. Still, the show had quite a lot to impress the audience who didn’t really have any prior opinions. It was filmed on the last fall and one can find a reason to stay at home watching the show.

The Gist

The lead Rachel (Audra McDonald) Is it conscious Doctor Who does diagnostics professionally in her apartment. She digs for a disease that is transmitted via a bite and turns victims into zombies i.e. Flesh hungry monsters. 

Her husband is also concerned about this new disease who works with a CDC task force. Him and her close colleague Cindy had an affair. Rachel was also having an affair with a photojournalist Brian. 

The first two episodes deal with a dramatic framework and a bit of drama. These were written by Michelle and Robert King. Since we have seen a few shows like “brain-dead” and “the good fight”, we know what he is capable of. His dramas were not quite unified when it came to the tone. However, the brilliance of his writing turns out to be a wacky framework for this show.

The following episodes are quite in your face. However, you won’t expect a zombie TV drama to be a comedy. And that’s the surprise you will like. One might easily compare the show with another Netflix drama “Santa Clarita diet”.

The bottom line

The show has very likeable as the writers and featured stars performance has been top notch. We can still see room for improvement but one might expect it due to the quality that these writers have showcased in the past.

Ella Smith has been a brilliant writer and her writing is impressive. She often writes for Educational and motivational topics that is a great point in her. She has started writing for Brightshub for a couple of months.
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