Star Wars The Bad Batch

Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2021 Tv Series

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – No spoiler alert

Since the beginning, Star Wars is a project that was here to stay. Especially, we were counting on the clone wars never to die in people’s hearts. Now, this animated series has filled the gap between revenge of the Sith and attack of the clones. The series, in itself, has done some great storytelling and piling on to the world created by Star Wars’ vast mythology. We won’t be surprised if you name it has The Clone Wars: Season 8. Given the similarities in terms of tones and visuals, we have done it too. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Are there any prerequisites?

No, you don’t need to watch the Clone Wars before you sit for Bad Batch. The premiere episode is an introduction in itself. The 72 minute Premier is a movie that introduces all the frontline characters that were originally in The Clone Wars. The bad batch can be called a prequel of The Clone Wars and a sequel of Revenge of the Sith.

The Bad Batch is basically filling the gap between the two. People presumed that it will address how and why Palpatine phased out his toes in favour of conscripted stormtroopers.

The Characters

The selection of characters isn’t a problem with this series. Each episode is able to deliver what it promises. Basically, it fulfils the expectations of the audience. There is a brand-new character called Omega. She feels much required pieces of entertainment for the clones and is a mystery in herself.  She is a perfect fit in the series and emotional and plot terms.

The Bottom Line

We can call the series a worthy successor to the clone wars. So much so that one might call it the eighth season. The animation and Music also goes well with the theme. However, the audience pretty much knows what they’re getting into. We didn’t need a 72 hour premiere episode just to lay out the groundwork. Besides that, the bad batch is definitely something you said with popcorns and wait for the next episode.

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